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OK I've been busy lately and working on this at the same time. Im sorry its like a huge gush of wind. i did this really fast but here it is. my latest part. Previous? Five Next Part? Seven
This was only the first night and Tae Chan had gotten Gikwang to agree to helping her with Hyunseung but she got into an immature argument with Dongwoon. Why was this turning into high school all over again? Another mess another day. Pray that your mouth stays shut but open it and brun down a building. Tae didn't go back to the ballroom. Instead she headed straight to her cabin feeling guilty about Dongwoon. She had fought him instead of calming him down and apologizing. Either way she felt old feelings almost spill out during that fight. What if she had followed him and kept pestering him? Would he have told her he hated her? Tae felt a huge ball in her throut as she thought about what stupid things she could have done to make it worse. Yes, she was not perfect and neither was anyone else. Sadly she knew deep down inside that she wanted to spill out her emotions after all these years. Now she realised that it could have ended badly. She took a deep breath as she walked alone down the path. Her arms crossed and her chin was down contemplating the stupid things she had spilled. Dongwoon didn't deserve to be treated like that especially after how she broke up with him. Tae Chan wanted to fix the wrongs she let herself be apart of. She owed Dongwoon and Hyunseung the truth and a huge apology after all this mess. She was determined to put this behind her and start a new. Once at her cabin Tae got inside and went to bed. She didn't want to think about anything else but sleep. Tomorrow she would deal with what she could and find a way to talk to Dongwoon in a manner that would not offend him. The next day Tae Chan was up bright and early. She jumped in the shower while Minhyun slept. After she got out Tae changed into a pair of torn faded jeans and a white shirt with her multicolored flip flops. She tossed her hair up in a messy bun and headed straight for breakfast. In the breakfast room Tae met up with Dujun and Yoseob who were eating happily. Tae grabbed herself some pancakes and looked for anything she could find that was fatty and sweet to put on them before sitting down next to Dujun. "Ahhh nothing quit like breakfast. I wish we had our food made over a nice outdoor fire. Ahhhh and lots of Bacon and hash browns and potatoes," she smiled and closed her eyes while imagining the scent of camping. "Wow you ate allot in America. Was there anything you couldn't eat no matter how many times you tried it?" Yoseob asked. Tae thought for a moment about the question. What Could she not stomach? Ahhh yes that one thing made her skin crawl. "Chichadas and also green peas when they were not fresh...well I didn't try chichadas but I heard about them allot and seen the during the summer," she took a sip of her juice. "Chi....what? What are those?" "Bugs," While Tae Chan was talking she noticed Junhyung and Gikwang sit down with them. "What are you talking about now?" Jun asked. "Tae Chan doesn't eat bugs." Dujun stated. "Why are you talking about that? Besides in almost every country there are a few that eat them not that I care," Tae Chan knoded in agreement before glancing around and catching sight of Hyunseung heading their way. Wait did she forget something? Her hazel orbs widened as it hit her. Tae jumped up and out of her seat confusing the others around her. "Aishhh Tae sit down. You scared me," someone spoke. Tae Chan slowly slid down to her seat grabbing her fork and sticking it in her mouth while her eyes followed Hyunseung. He sat at the end of the table alone not making eye contact with her. How did she forget last night and just be focused on her fight with Dongwoon? She promised to dance with Hyunseung. Now Tae was feeling bad for ditching the main person she wanted to talk to. Tae chan mentally smacked herself before she inhaled deeply. She grabbed her tray and slid to the end of the table right infront of Hyunseing. When she was there she took the spoon out of her mouth and let her eyes drift to her tray then to Him. She Bit her lower lip and slowly spoke. "I'm sorry for taking off last night.....I had to take care of something," she searched his face as she felt guilty. Hyunseung said nothing and started eating. He was mad...and disappointed with her. she could feel the tension. Tae swallowed hard and tried again. "Lets fix this now," the words spilled out like a shot. " I'm sorry for everything I..." *clang clang clang* Silverware hit the floor. Tae Chan stopped talking and turned her head to see what happened for just a moment. Someone had knocked the utencils onto the floor alerting everyone. Tae lifted a brow then turned her attention back to Hyunseung who was already heading out the door with his food. Why the hell was everyone running from her? Tae lifted a hand and breathed in it to check her breath. No she brushed her teeth. Well so much for that. Tae slid her tray back to the others and ate her breakfast. After breakfast she looked at her list of duties she was given. "I missed kitchen duty this morning," she whispered to herself and felt a bit dumb. Yup can't fix anything this weekend just destroy it all. No ties just bother people more. Tae Chan crumbled up her paper and shoved it in her pocket. She had to try a different tactic or something and not be stuck in her fantasies thinking that everything will work out in the end. Tae headed to the river with Junhyung and Yoseob to relax and get fresh air. Junhyung tossed pebbles in the water trying to skip them while Yoseob and Tae talked a bit. " So now you act in plays and you just signed with a company? Wow you really are doing well. Will I be downloading your songs on ITunes anytime soon?" Tae smiled as she looked at the trees. "Who knows. They loved my voice and my plays have been hits so maybe you might even see me on movies or commercials," Yoseob smiled while pulling a leaf off a branch he found on the ground. "Junhyung told me your a voice actor or something?" "Yup I get to be the voice of different anime characters and other regular cartoon characters," she smiled as her eyes drifted to the river. "Wow that's amazing. I bet you like it," Tae Chan knoded as her mind started to drift to Dongwoon. Should she give him time to cool off or try again tonight? "I wish he would listen," she thought out loud. "Who? Dongwoon?" Yoseob asked making Tae look at him in shock. was she really that easy to read? " Junhyung told me your trying to make up. Is it that hard?" "You won't believe how bad my communication skills are with him. I destroyed the entire convo by calling him out on him being childish.....he Called me out too then I said worse things...I really destroyed it," she grumbled. After spending time with her old crew Tae Chan decided to go for a jog. She slipped on a pair of black jogging shorts and a grey sports bra before heading out. Tae stuck her earplugs in and turned on the music to her phone to block out everything. She really wanted to release some stress so running was her best option since there was no punching bag to hit. For about ten minutes she ran around the woods happily and forgot her problems. She didn't want to think about anything ...but soon it hit her and she stopped next to a tree. Tae Chan rested her palms on the tree trunk while wheels started moving the opposite direction in her mind. Soon Tae Chan Realised something. This happened so long ago that there was no reason for these two to be acting like she hurt them yesterday....unless.......unless....they had other plans...that she ruined. Hyunseung of course was her best friend. Did he stalk her Facebook like she wanted to do to his so many nights? Did he really miss her that much when she left. Did he have feelings for her that were still there till now???? What about Dongwoon. She did what most little teens did and broke up with him after she lied. He would have gotten over it and been able to be pleasant with her by this time. Instead he was mad. Why the heck did they still harbor this..this anger? Tae Chan turned and headed back to camp. She would ask Dongwoon first. On her way Tae Chan glanced around until she spotted MinHyun roaming about. Tae stopped. "Minhyun? Have you seen Dongwoon?" She asked as she pulled her earpluggs out and jogging in place. "With Hina. I think they were going to help set up lunch," Tae sped past her heading for the lunch room. By the time she got there Tae was feeling ready to confront him. Walking inside her eyes darted towards the back of the large room. She pranced over looking inside the kitchen door way. As her dark orbs scanned she found Hina and a few others but no Dongwoon. "Hina? Where's Woonie?" She inquired standing next to the door frame. Hina looked up from the dishes and lifted a brow. "Well hello to you too Tae Chan," "I'm sorry. I.." "Taking out the trash in the back," Hinas eyes moved back to dishes. "Thank you," Tae Chan walked inside and gave Hina a sincere smile before running to the back door. *clack* Tae Chan fell backwards and hit the side of her ribs on the edge of the counter near the door. Tear pored out of her eyes as she gasped from hitting the counter. She turned and groaned holding her nose and side. "Tae Chan?" Dongwoon was in shock and soon he put his bucket for trash down before turning to her. "I am so sorry. I had no idea you were right there," he placed a hand on her lower back grazing her ribs and the other on her chin to investigate. Tae Chan gasped when he touched her side. "Ahhhh my ribs," she whimpered. Dongwoon moved his hand higher to avoid that spot and lead her out of the kitchen as someone left to get the first aid. " did I break it?" He asked as he sat her down on a chair. He kneeled down and looked at her but Tae said nothing. Instead she kind of liked being worried about by him. He didnt seem angry right now but genuinely worried about her whelbeing. She just whimpered and whipped the tears that left her eyes as her tall pillar checked out her nose. Dongwoon lightly placed a flinger on her bridge which made Tae cringe. "Ahhh," she breathed. "Its just bruised," he let go and stood up. "Go sleep," his eyes didn't even meet her's as he turned to get back to what he was doing. One moment he was warm and the next he froze over it seemed. This made Tae Chan furious. Oh i just came to get hit by your door Dongwoon. Dont mind me!!! She stood up and opened her mouth. "I came to talk. So since you almost took me out the least you could do is hear me out Son Dongwoon," she used his full name as her hands rested on her hips. Her eyes were serious and she was not about to leave just yet.
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love love love it! keep it up your doing great🖒😄❤😉