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i saw this on instagram, it could be fake since its a rumor but you never know if its true or not and anyway what or who do you think could be behind all of this? why is 2016 is fucked up?
Here are the cities if it does happen, be safe and careful everyone
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I hope this is fake but knowing America its probably true Dx I live in NM so I think I'm okay .... but I have friends and family in LA, hope everything will be okay...
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day of rage was started up by Anonymous two years ago. has nothing to do with BLM.
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I doubt this is true tbh because it feels like when the first purge movie came and people were all saying that they were going to make the purge real and that stuff never happened
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well Damn, I pray it isn't true. I'm from Atlanta and my family is still there
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hmmm cool
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