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It is apparently very easy for the NSA to target anyone in the US for extensive electronic monitoring without a warrant. All they need for tracking is a bit of identifying information (like an email or IP address). This really doesn't bother me at all. There's so many people out there on the internet that even if the government collects my data, no one will look at it. Also, why do I need to keep my web activity so private? I don't understand why so many internet users care so much about this? Seems like a non-issue to me.
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@leecatlee 1. what's a prole 2. the government's rights come from the people but the government has rights that the people didn't specifically give it (as decided by SCOTUS). The people gave the government the right to run the country. This is a constitutional question and you should look into
look into SCOTUS case Cooper V. Aaron and 'nullification' for more
@curtisb exactly, the people gave the government the right to run the country, i think this concept drives the slippery slope argument
that scotus case is really interesting! in 1984 the lower class are "proles" (proletariats)
Ahh similar to the 47%! I understand