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"She told you!" Jay was riled up by my actions, and tease Simon instantly. He turn to be with a big grin plastered on his face. "Lala, please don't leave us. We need someone like you around to put us back in our places. Honestly what you did last night, I wanted to praise you."
I purse my lips together, to hold back my smile, this dork was creating. He got up from his seat, and walked over to me. "Don't make me beg, please. I'm not afraid to, but it doesn't look pretty."
The Chief chuckled softly, whilst Jay tugged at my arm. "If I have to... I'll make you Loco's manager." I raise an eyebrow, and looked in Jay's direction. He still had the stupid grin on his face.
I looked away, and licked my lips, pretending to think it over. "Lala~." I glance from the corner of my eyes, and noticed him pouting. Freaking Jay was breaking me slowly, then he started to shake me a little.
"FINE! JUST STOP SHAKING ME!" I shouted while laughing at his actions. Jay was grinning again, and pulled me into his embrace. "Thank you! Lala, I give you my word, you won't regret it."
I try pushing Jay away, but he was took excited. "Lavi, are you sure you want to give in to his request?" We both looked at the Chief, as he spoke. "He said I was getting Loco. He the one that I mess well with, so he better make sure it him."
I turn to face Jay, and squish his cheek together so his smile disappear. "If you don't keep your word, I'll be on the next flight back to the States, no hesitation." He nodded his head, in understanding.
I couldn't hold it in any longer, and giggle once I let go of his face. Jay was just to adorable that I couldn't deny it anymore. Jay took my arm, and locked it with his own.
"I'm gonna take her with his, if that okay with you Chief." Jay asked my boss permission, and he just wave his hand for us to leave. "Yah! Giving me away just like that. bad Appa." Chief chuckled, as Jay and Simon looked at me confused.
"Appa?" They both looked at us confused completely. "Ne, Appa, you really think I would behave for anyone other than my own father?" I smirked deviously at them, as I watch them looking at the both of us.
"Are you really her father?" Simon stood up, and walked over to the Chief. "Ne, Lavi is my ttal (daughter). I flew in with her, since I am the only one that can be higher ranking than her and get her respect."
I smiled warmly at them, as I held back the urge to go hug my father. "No wonder you were allow to damage the wall." Jay smirked, whilst petting my head. "Please don't break us. We will behave."
I shook my head, doubting that was possible. "Ga!(Go) Get out my office since our business here is done." I held up my hand, to get everyone's attention. "I know Simon is the one that need the manager more. If I end up working with that grown child, I want permission to punch his arm."
Simon crossed his arm, and snarled at me. Jay choked back a laugh, as my father shook his head. "If that what it takes to get you to manager hyung, then granted." Jay gave me permission, getting my father's eyebrow to raise, and Simon to give a judgmental look.
I gave Jay a quick peck on the cheek, while grinning. "I knew there was a reason why I liked ya." Jay pretended to play shy and shock at the same time, but I knew he was joking. "Let's go tell the others, and get you settled in."
I shot my father a judging look, which got both Simon's and Jay's attention. the Chief sigh under his breath, before looking back at me. "No worries, just give them your best. No one will take your chances of the title you want."
I loved my father, he was the one I was closest with, thanks to my first Mai Tai class as a teenager. He knew I was working my butt off to be his heir, and most definitely acknowledge it. "Enjoy working for AOMG, treat it like a vacation from here, whilst giving your best."
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