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When it comes to love, you don't need to "catch 'em all".

To be honest I was living in a cave. Since I don't use any other form of personal social media. I have no idea Pokemon Go is a thing until my friend told me about it couple days ago. Then, I found out it's a real-life pokemon scavenger hunt using the geolocation feature.
Smart, fun, but dangerous idea.
Within a day of reading updates of Pokemon Go from the Internet I discovered this game made robbery a breeze, pedestrian safety and security safety at risk. I'm in no way blaming the product designer to create an engaging and innovative game. Mobile phone users need to keep their eyes on the road and be less gullible. People can find out your whereabouts from snooping on your phone.
That's what this girlfriend did.
A boyfriend was caught cheating when his girlfriend found he capture a Pokemon at his ex's home location. He had no other explanation, the girlfriend ran off and never contacted him since that day.
The lesson here is: Don't do anything dumb with Pokemon go. Security is lighter than you can imagine.
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@Scheherashared I heard. Which is why I'm not getting myself into that game. I have a feeling once I start I wouldn't stop playing with my phone.
@cindystran true, unless you and ur man are in it 馃槅 but really you catch more Pokemon in a public area like mall, school grounds, shopping squares, or tourist spots. so for me in housing area, catching pokemon is impossible. 馃槃
@Scheherashared We're not into it. 馃槵 Occasionally, we would play Dots or light commitment game during our down time but we're not hardcore mobile gamers. We prefer board games and other outdoor activities.
@cindystran aaaww, you guys are all sweet-traditions.
@Schedherashared Thank you!!! :)