*wakes up and checks phone* You: OMG YOONGI TEXTED ME... -text- Yoongi: let's meet at 6pm?? You: Okay... Yoongi: I'll pick you up with the guys. You: Cool..where are we going? Yoongi: There a new restaurant nearby we all want to go eat there today. You: Cool I'm going to get ready.. Yoongi: okay
-At the restaurant- Yoongi: let's sit over there guys. Jungkook:Yeah *everyone walks to where Yoongi points to sit* You: *ended up siting next to rapmon and Jimin*
Jin: You look beautiful tod... Jimin:*interrupts Jin* Of course she does she (Y/N) she always looks beautiful.. *looks at you and smile then winks* You:-inner thoughts- Jimin...your killing me today... -ordering food-
-food arrives- Tae: *eating as much food as he can with Jungkook* everyone:*shooked* -minute later- Tae: Hyung I don't feel well. Jin: let's go to the corner store for stomach ache pills Taehyung. *stands up with Jin to go to buy the pills* *everyone asking if they'll be fine* *they respond with yeah and they'll come back*
-after a while everything back to normal- Hoseok: Oh right (Y/N)*starts singing a love song to you to see if Jimin gets jealousy* You: *blushes red from the way he singing it* Jimin: *interrupts Hoseok* Hyung...their a spider. J-Hope: *freaks out only for Rapmon to take the black cloth off of Hoseok*
-While no one was looking Jimin grabbed you hand and held it-
Rapmon kept ordering food after Hoseok calmed down and ordered more than you guys have..
Meanwhile Yoongi was getting impatient waiting for the food and started to get mad at the waiter...until he received his food and everyone telling him to calm down
Rapmon starts looking around as you guys wait for food once again...and sees a chick feet away from him.. He starts checking her out.. and the guys start making fun of him.
you tell the your going to the restroom to clean your hands from the food you touched and they said okay..once you got out you get dragged by someone ...trying to escape only to hear jimin voice..getting turned around your face to face with Jimin who starts saying he liked you for a while and ended up kissing you. Your shocked at first,but kiss him back... Jimin asked to gout with him you said yes and hugged him,but wanting to keep it from the guys you both had to go back to the restrooms and come out later...
Suga felt suspicious as to why you were taking so long... and went to see if Jimin was in the guys restroom washing his hands from the food too... Jimin walks out of the restroom when Yoongi came to check up on him. you walked out of the girl restroom and see both of them standing there and Yoongi walked when you started walking like a father watching for guys not to follow her..
Jin and Tae came back and when they got back Jin sure got a surprise he got the bill and noticed it was over 200.00 in total....he looked pale at the cost and looked like he was having a heart attack from the price....
You guys ened up playing rock,paper,scissors to see who would pay in the end Namjoon got karma and had to pay for all the food he kept ordering.
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