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Helluu~ Pt. 3 of get to know Monsta X is here! ! Gosh this group is literally slaying! I love them a lot! I need a life ! If you wish to visit there other cards click here for Pt. 1 & here for Pt. 2

Chae Hyungwon (Hyungwon)

Hyungwon is so adorable at time but can be very very and I mean very attractive! Just the like other vocals he's amazing! He's the type to help other members when they are in some sort of trouble and the members love to help a lot. Especially with heavy work. He's very lovable, he looks very calm but is not actually at times. Hyungwon can also get very playful! Did I mention he's like a model? I mean look at him! He's actually modeled a few times!

Lee Joo Heon (Jooheon)

Jooheon is very cute! His aeygo is the best and that is why he's the aeygo king. This man is beautiful and so damn loveable! Jooheon can be very serious mainly when he's rapping. It's his passion. Not only does his rap slay but he's very handsome! But okay when I said serious.. uhm that's a little off.. Jooheon is a fun/playful person. Especially when Minhyuk is around!

Lim Chang Kyun (I.M)

Ahh the real maknae I.M doesn't really show that he's the maknae though. He's very cute and I crown him aeygo prince cause let's face it Jooheon is the king haha. Anyway! I love I.M's rapping a lot! He's very talented and amazing. I love is his rapping a lot, there's something about it that just makes me love him even more. I.M is a very fun and let tell you his English sounds very fluent! Just watching him can can make you smile.
That's basically me explaining what the members are in a way. They are all amazing and I love them all. I don't just stan 1 or 2 people in the group. I stan them all and care for them all too. Please support them! It'll mean so much to them and to me. Also! Get to know Monsta X won't end here! There will be a part 4 because why not? xD