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Here it is!!! In this throwdown we have a three-way fight! NaLu vs. GaLe vs. Jerza vs. Gruvia
1st Round: Whose got cutest Princess and Prince look?
2nd Round: Best Disney Movie adaption?
3rd Round: Best Studio Ghibli movie adaption?
4th Round: Who has the better mermaid tale?
5th Round: Best "my turn to protect you"?
6th Round: Best side-by-side team work?
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Gale hands down on all of them, I love Gale to much and I don't regret it Gale always wins *nods head while arms are crossed*
GaLe definitely!
GaLe! And can we address Gajeel's and Natsu's WTF faces in the protection category
Cannot choose between them. Love Gruvia but they r my least fav out of the four. Gale is adorable and I really really want more but they r official, Nalu has so many cute moments and I'm waiting on some Jerza which has been my otp since I met jellal.