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Lindsay Lohan left Cliffside Malibu Tuesday night, looking happy and healthy upon completion of her 3-month rehab stint! And she's gonna be busy, starting with a guesting in Chelsea lately, then Oprah with a whole 8-part documentary of her comeback! Plus, her movie, "The Canyons" is coming out too! I'm honestly hoping she's not gonna slip into the dark anymore!
@saharjalpari9 @shoenami well, you saw her in Chelsea lately, although i don't think criticizing other actors is a good idea, she really did well in general :)
@blairwitme I'm honestly hoping for that! especially after watching her hosting for Chelsea lately!.. @saharjalpari9 yes.. she has talent.. it might be a long shot, but this could be really it.. XD
damn what did she do do 2 herself lindsay plz comeback 2 ur sesnse and take care of urself i missz the old lindsay i pray she gets btr and take care of her health :)
@shoenami I know, she has promised to clean up several times but who knows? this might be it!!
@blairwitme well, that would be great since she's a good actress after all, but haven't we seen and heard this already?
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