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But I'm curious, who will win if you can't use magic or bankai?
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Gilgamesh and Emyia Shirou trump you Erza.
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kuchiki byakuya has "Millions of swords" so not sure how erza even thinks she wud win lol..Byakuya>everyone in pic
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA,.... ahem,erza thats cute but... have you seen fate stay nights main hero?
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Ok if they all fight on the same plain of existence meaning kirito is in his video game body erza probably is the least skilled in swordsmanship not said that she sucks I'm just saying everyone is that much better because she can't use magic that means no equip magic she only has one sword honestly in her bad form she's not that formidable compared to everyone else the two I think are the best is zoro and byakuya because you all know how much of a bad ass zoro is and byakuya every body knows it gets real all he has to say is " scatter zenbonzakura" and 9 times out of 10 it's over
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