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Helluu~ Here's another Astro card! This group is seriously amazing and just really talented. I'm glad that they're getting recognized each day for their hard work and talent. They deserve all the support that they're receiving.
look at his smile! look at him! he's so precious makes me want to grab him and just cuddle with him every day :c
enjoy this my children.
there's something about eunwoos small smile that idk man just really makes him look so.. small and innocent.
he's so cute and the fact that he's actually learning English to talk to his international fans makes me so speechless. yes, other idols do the same thing. it's just wow. like you're going that far to talk to us. he really shows that he loves aroha.
Well that was Astro's morning call! He's so small and precious. Ahh hope you liked the card
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It's my first look at this group. The member with blonde hair resembles Got7's Mark!