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hey guys remember how I use to do Hanbin and mino Thursday.............................. well.............. I won't be doing that anymore because sadly mino is not mine and I didn't get to join the winner community..boohoo lol jk jk ... so instead mino and Hanbin appreciation day that i use too do for winkonic squad it'll be in charge of only B.i... we have lost mino (note that it's a joke I'll always love mino IT'S A DAMN JOKE)
awowwww!! BOOOOO... suck right lol I know but sadly that is over with no more Mino!! jk jk lol but hey I need to focus on Hanbin for the ikon community wooo!!!
Hanbin it's okay it's time to let go lol you must face the truth no more denying it bruh! rofl but it's okay you know why!!! lol
Because it'll just be HANBIN THURSDAY!!! YAY A day for just My Cutie B.I!! no more sharing it with anybody woo!!! yee lol go Hanbin go Hanbin go B.i!! go B.I lol
Aish (-////-) you don't have to thank me hehe ... (*///////*) *clears throat* Anyways.....
I'm sorry on how much I've been slacking off on alot of my cards and community supporting... I've been under so much stress I wasn't really feeling like myself... I know I'm late on this card too but it's because I wasn't prepared for it I had another long shift at work today so I was kinda tired... but I promise I'll work on my fanfic and card even my zodiac one more okay... sorry for not being more active and acting all moody... I'm all better and happy like the ME everyone knows haha .. ^_^
OH DID I MENTION I'M IN THE IKON COMMUNITY AND I'M IN CHARGE OF HANBIN AKA KNOW AS B.I!!! so I hope you look forward to my next card because I have that one all ready too xD Update note that I know I can still post about any idol it was a playful joke but obviously I can't joke around like that so sorry to anyone who took it wrong I was just being playful...
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So, let me get this straight. You can't put Mine on your card because you didn't join their club? Are we 12? Sweetie, you can post whoever, whenever, wherever you want. I've read the "rules" and nowhere does it say you can't mix and match your groups. Hell, start your own group with ALL your faves. I will join, because I love them all!
@KellyOConnor and don't worry I know you knew thanks ^_^
@KellyOConnor I know I just meant it has in I won't be doing my mino and Hanbin for the winkonic sqaud
@JessWang90 😚😘😍 thanks jess this is why I love youuu
Bunny you do you. Like you said, everyone that knows you knows you like to mess around and as for those who don't, ignore it and keep being you. Don't let anyone bring you down because they don't know your sense of humor. Now if you excuse me, Ima go shower cause its hot Lmfao Love you Bunny! 😘😘😘😘
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