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Hello again Topp Klass!! My second card for the week is of the wonderfully sexy Hansol. He's very well known for his dancing and even has a music video. It's amazing! Let's watch some videos!
Ok. Umm... Do I really need to say anything? I mean... Did you watch it? I think it pretty much says it all.... so....
Hansol dances vogue. It's pretty much his thing. This is a minute and a half video of him vogue-ing (??) Not sure if that's how you would say it. But anyways. Enjoy!
Remember that music video I spoke of? This is it! No words. Just watch. XD
And this video is a performance of the Wizard Unit during Topp Dogg's debut showcase. As I explained in my last card, the Wizard Unit is the dance line of Topp Dogg consisting of members: Xero, Hansol, Hojoon, and B-Joo. This particular performance is with all four of them but it's focused on Hansol.
I apologize for the late cards this week. I was busy today and was not around any Wifi. It is technically already Friday where I live but since I have not gone to sleep yet,(it's almost 4am)I still consider it to be Thursday. Anyways. I love you all. And have a great day/night! Credit to original owner. Topp Dogg Mod: @MrsJungHoseok Topp Klass Mod and Support: @MrsJungHoseok @KaeliShearer @AimeeH @MelissGarza @HeichousRegalia @twistedPuppy YAKPAK @AimeeH @Tigerlily84 @ChelseaJay @Baileykayleen @jgallegos222 @tayunnie @VixenViVi @EwSeungkwan @SarahVonDorn @kmeier230 @sugajin94 @torchix @PrincessUnicorn Topp Dogg Taglist: @AimeeH @Tigerlily84 @karinamiranda81 @EmilyGardner @kpopandkimchi @SimplyAwkward @YongRaviZiMon @QueenLee @KellyOConnor @EliseB @Viresse @VKookie47 @sarahdarwish @ZeidaAlvarez @awkwardjazzy @StefaniTre @sherrysahar @DominiqueWhitak @MonAnnahiX @ElenaP16 @megancurrent9 @AgentLeo @IsoldaPazo @sweetnothing34
Please tag me in future cards! And WOW I could watch him dance all day long, he's so talented he has become one of my favorite dancers..thank you for this card it's awesome!
@merryjayne13 I most definitely will! And you are very welcome. Yes he is so very talented! And he's truly adorable too. XD