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Happy Funky Friday~

Let's start the weekend with some memes, shall we? Enjoyy XD (Credit to owners!)

Which meme did you love the most?

TBH...I can't choose this time...they were all pretty hilarious LOL.

Also, if you would like to be added to this taglist, let me know as I would love to add you!

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I have the same shirt as Taehyung in the 8th pic in the first box of pictures
a year ago·Reply
the one about BTS as Pokemon
a year ago·Reply
The laughing started at 'every live performance of run' continued with Kevin and Jae, stopped to facepalm at Bambam, Jungkook and Daehyun dabbing because why?! And I lost it at the one about the kangaroo. I loved the books BTS would read though and the BTS as Pokemon and their bedrooms. The 'What others think vs. What A.R.M.Y think' is the picture that's supposed to be Jimin, is that mochi? The last one with Jackson, his face is so cute in the end!!!
a year ago·Reply
So hard to pick! Jackson and BTS! lol
a year ago·Reply