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Yo as a Fandom, igot7 are failing just for the fact that if this tat is real and hes had it before the Fly tour and we never even noticed it we are collectively kind of slow lbs It could be new...it could be real...it could be fake, what do you guys think?
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@bigbangvip2243 same, I could really care less that he had one, I actually prefer tatted idols haha I kind of doubt it's real just bc of how funny it looks, but I've been wrong before. If it is real I'm just wondering how we didn't see such a massive thing on his leg before 😂😂😂
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@HoneyBMia Same XD like, in none of the dance practices, none of the MVs... I know nobody went through every video and photoshopped it away.
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@HoneyBMia @bigbangvip2243 in my opinion, while I don't care if he has one seeing as I love idols with tattoos, I think it's real and that IGot7 never say it because Mark and all of Got7 was slaying us before we could see it. also most of the time he was either wearing long pants or facing forward so there would have been no way to see it anyways. as for how it looks, I think that the photo is just bad quality, like the camera used wasn't in HD or something like that.
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I don't think it matters either way to me but in Korean culture it's still frowned upon. I hope that changes more and more. but also it doesn't look real to me... it looks almost drawn on? maybe it's just quality of the pic
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I notice that too lol I was like about time mark you haven't done crap lol plus I want that tat too it look kinda old so Idk plus he always wear leggings and pants
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