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"Thank you for coming Ms. Choi." "Please, I just want to know if my son's ok." "Your son, Ms. Choi is going through a though situation. We've been dygnosing him with anti-biotics and pain killers but unfortunately he seems to just be getting worse." "Is there something you can do that can at least get him to calm down or ok? Please, doctor he's my son." "Ms. Choi we're trying everything to fix his bi-polar symtomps. He's currently going through a lot of Mania symptoms which is a current of extreme happiness, which can lead him to doing things he's never done before like rape from a sex drive and he's not sleeping due to this. Then a few days ago he's been going through extreme cases of Cyclothymia which is a rice in mild mood swings and behavior. He's calmed down at the moment but we can't predict when the next round of mood swings might come." "So you're saying that there's no ending for this? that it's just going to keep happening?" "I don't think that's the case but sometimes i'd like to believe that maybe there is no end to this bipolar- mixed- with- Cyclothymia disorder change and just let him go. But I still have faith that he will recover and find a way of life. Despite it all, Ms. Choi, the best thing we can do is wait until a glimmer of hope arrives or that the meds can function normally." "I just really want this to be over. I am desperate, I am tired, irritated and having so much insomnia that I think some day i'm going to explode from so much stress." "Then I recommend you go home and rest. Your health cannot also get in trouble's way." "Thank you doctor. But, i'd like to spend tonight with my son." "If that's what you want... follow me then. I'll take you to his current room."
~~~~~ "My son, my baby can you hear me? I'm beging you... please show some change. I don't want your father to work up a fight any more. Don't you feel a little bit of pity for your old mother? Do you no longer care about me? am I like a living rotting corpse to you now?. Please just show some progress and get better so that we can go back to the family we once were." "A family were we didn't have to buy so much medication. A family where we didn't have fights at any given moment. A family who used to smile and talk about good times and bad times. Not a family that consists of a crazed teenager, a drunk old man with issues and an old woman who gets abused just because she wants to see her son smile and be normal again." "What led you to be this way, huh? what the fuck did you do to end up like this?. I want you to fucking wake up and tell me the fucking truth. What did you do? WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?!! FUCKING ANSWER ME YOU UNGREATFUL SHIT!!" "I TRY SO GODDAMN HARD TO MAKE AMENDS FOR MY MISTAKES AND BE THE MOM YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO HAVE BUT YOU DON'T EVEN GIVE ME A FUCKING SMILE TO SHOW THAT YOU'RE PROUD OF ME. Nah, I don't nee your condolence. I don't need you telling me every day " you're such a fucked up whore you don't even realize how much of a whore you are." " "God do your words cause me pain. But you know that's something I will keep reminding you of. Because i'm the whore who gave birth to you, the whore who gave p everything and sacrificed many hard-earned things to raice you and let you have a nice life. A whore who cries every night begging to god that her son gets better and a whore who happens to still hold up to a son of a bitch husband who without we would be on the streets." "I wish that you would look at me and at least say "mom, everything's going to be ok, habe hope mom." because I fucking have no hope. I gave up on hope but I guess since it's all I have left then I can use it on you, because you're my son. I worked so hard to raice you well but look at where it's gotten me. A son who's young years are spent on a hospital and a son who's delusional and have so many fucking disorders." "YoungJae, for the love of god..... go back to normal."
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