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In a battle of Master VS Master, Badass Oldman VS Badass Oldman, who would win?

In this corner, we have the 5th Guildmaster, the Ace of Fairy Tail:

Gildarts Clive

S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail, he is the first to come back from a Century Mission, and brought Natsu to his knees without really even fighting him! This user of Destruction Magic is so powerful, buildings move out of his way when he comes back from a mission, and who needs doors when you can use the wall. The only thing that really scares him are dragons, and the thing in the basement. He's a strong Mage, but not made of stone. Found out he had a daughter and burst into tears...after admitting he's a LadiesMan, of course. 馃槄

In this corner, we have the 3&6th Guildmaster, Gramps of the guild members, one of the Ten Wizard Saints:

Makarov Dreyar

Son of one of Fairy Tail's founders, and appointed 3rd Master by another, It's no wonder Makarov is highly respected (unless it's the Magic Council 馃構). From Giant to Elementals to Requip, I don't think there's a magic he doesn't know. He can even STOP a spell with Dispel! One strike from Fairy Law and his opponent is toast! Hurt his 'children' and your ass is grass! This grandfatherly figure with the patience of a Saint to be able to raise the Fairy Tail we know and love, he can drink even Cana under the table, but Bunny Girls beware because Bipidy Boopedy he be coming for that Booty. 馃懐

But for real now:

Who would win?

The Master of Destruction?


The Master of Fairies?

Personally a part of me wants to say Gildarts, but in all honesty, it has to be Master Makarov. Gildarts is strong and powerful, but it seems he has to touch his opponent to use his magic unless he uses intimidation which was at least super effective on Natsu. Makarov, on the other hand, knows long distance magics and can use fucking Dispel which also seems to be a distance attack. So the winner of this fight would have to be.... MAKAROV DREYAR!

What do you guys think? Comment below! 馃憞馃徎馃憞馃徎馃憞馃徎

[All art goes to their original owners, I only partially own first pic for splicing 2 pics together and making newish background]
@SarahSutcliff glad we're all in the same page... though does he actually count as a master if all he did was reinstate Laxus and leave?
makarov is master for a reason 馃槈
If this is a battle to the death where Fairy Law would work... then Makarov. otherwise his only chance is to use his many spells and knowledge of crash magic to his advantage and hit and run to take the victory. Otherwise, Guildarts will take anything Makarov has and send him packing.
@Namrow I feel like, unless the old man has some killer magic we haven't seen (that he didn't use against Hades for some reason) his only real chance is Fairy Law... so if that doesn't work... Guildarts has it in the bag.
Gildarts doesn't have to touch anything to use some forms of magic. Remember the mini Natsu's? On top of that, Gildarts can deconstruct all forms of magic. Makarov would probably still win the fight, but it's because he has much more experience and probably figured out a strategy to at least knock Gildarts out if the need ever came up.
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