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Does anyone really need to ask at this point? Anyone who looks at a few previous cards (I think I mentioned it on Support Sunday and Magic Monday?), and in a few different collections will be able to figure out fairly quickly that

I love Gajeel Redfox!

He's sexy as hell!
But can also be cutely shy.
And just cute. 😊
He protects Levy
Without being clingy (or completely useless *cough* Jet *cough cough* Droy)
He's tough (Forgive my sin)
But has a soft side
He's really strong
But most importantly, he cares about his guild mates and will fight for them til the bitter end.
I loved Gajeel even before he was part of Fairy Tail. When he was introduced I was like "HIM! He is my new favorite villain!" So when he joined I'm like "Favorite character! Hands down! Mine!"
He had me at 'Gihi' and will be my favorite til the bitter end! 😍