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“What if someone you never met, someone you never saw, someone you never knew, was the only someone for you?” — Sleepless in Seattle
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@oj1992 they have that comfortable couple vibe between them.. XD @neaa lol.. yesss.. trying to find someone impersonally for a partner is almost always a dangerous idea! @happyrock cool!XD great timing!
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@neaa @happyrock @shoenami meg ryan is very suitable for romantic comedies. She has that girl next door thingy. Have you guys seen her wz Hugh Jackman in Kate and Leopold ? Quite a romantic movietoo.
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I can't use the word "adorable" too many times for a girl...but Meg Ryan here was just that. you don't have actresses like Meg Ryan these days :(
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i love kate and leopold!! hugh looked hot as ever.. i love it more than these two!!
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@oj1992 @neaa Kate and Leopold! how could I forget that!... of course! @minjaeturtles i think we can use "adorable" with Emma Stone!
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