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SM Entertainment will be expanding their market into the world of mobile games - this time with the newest mobile game 'EXORUN'! EXO have turned into unique, avatar game character, and users can dress the members up with stylish clothes and accessories as well as have fun with their super powers. 'EXORUN' is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store throughout the world except China, starting July 14. Fans can now enjoy even more of EXO through 'EXORUN'! Who's ready to play Source: Allkpop *Google Play Download *Apple Appstore Download
The Last pictures are my own screenshots of the games. It's absolutely fun to play~ I'd download it if I were you~
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@XionHeart I bought Xiumin's monster outfit and thought it was cute that they danced too
a year ago·Reply
@selfishmachines I bought the monster and lucky one. I like the monster suit better tbh
a year ago·Reply
@XionHeart same they didn't really have a huge dance for lucky one
a year ago·Reply
I downloaded it to and got to level 5 in about 20 minutes cuz I couldn't put it down. I picked Xiumin too BTW.
a year ago·Reply