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Well today is the third day of the BBCP and today we are celebrating us wonderful creatures called, VIPS. Because we are indeed Very Important People to Big Bang c:
The only dance I learned by Big Bang was Good Boy by G-Dragon and Taeyang. I don't have the time, sadly, to make a cover video of the dance so I can't show you guys that. But I do plan on learning more dances by Big Bang soon ^-^

I also am planning on doing Big Bang fanart in the future, but currently, I have no artwork yet :l

*Credit to artist.

So here are some amazing song covers by some fabulous VIPs!!!

Covers by: -Bae Bae cover by Su Jung Pae -If You cover by Paul Kim x Jason Chen x David So -Loser cover by Margarita

What songs have you guys covered by Big Bang?

And here are three different dance covers of Bang Bang Bang by some more wonderful VIPs.

Covers by: -Zeezy -Waveya -BigOne (This one is my favorite! ^-^)

Do any of you know the choreography for Bang Bang Bang?

And here are two choreographed dances by Sara Shang which she made for Sober and Loser.

Do you guys choreograph your own dances for Big Bang songs?

I love fan art! And finding new Big Bang fanart is really enjoyable!! So please enjoy some amazing Big Bang fan art I found!!

*Credit to artists

Do you guys have any Big Bang fan art? If you do, please show me!!!! ^-^

And those are just a couple things VIPs have done to show their love for Big Bang.

How do you guys show your love for Big Bang and being a VIP?

I love you guys and I love being a VIP! Big Bang forever!!!!

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