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Who's your bias? #ARMY #howcanichoose #hardestquestionever
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I can't choose a bias馃槄
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I AM STRUGGLING WITH THIS LATELY okay like I said my biases are Rapmonster and Jungkook for the longest time now but like I watched over 100 Bangtan Bombs in a row last night and... I can't pick either.
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My ultimate bias is J-Hope while for bias, it's Rap Monster, yet he's trying to steal J-Hope's ultimate position, he's that close to ultimate bias status, I really love BTS, they look like fun guys to be friends with and hang out. 馃憤
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JUNGKOOK is my bias
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Ahhh you have come to that point of bts huh. Well choose a bias that kinda like you or just choose the cutest guy you think is cute to you ans stick for now.
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