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that was my reaction when i heard about Pokèmon GO a year ago. I've been trained in GBA, well it was VBA, emulated GBA in PC. I wanna beat trainers' butt but, well, it's not coming in my country yet. so sad.
ok. now, do you know what that pokemon is? WRONG! It's not Rhyhorn. it's a real endangered animal, One-Horned Rhinoceros.
what about that? what is that? nope, not Tirtouga but Leatherback Sea Turtle. endangered animal too
Sandshrew? no, it's Pangolin ffs! at first people don't care about Ingress but going crazy to Pokèmon GO, it's okay, not my business. but i don't want to have a child that doesn't know wtf Pangolin and One-Horned Rhinoceros are :( I wish Niantic launch a game just like Pokemon GO but with real animal. or can you?
Pangolins are such interesting looking creatures.
leather back sea turtles are always my favorite
cool idea about using real animals