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Just to let all you wonderful people know that the voting period is about to close, so if you wanted to vote on the awards now is your last chance!!!!

Voting closes on Sunday (Korean Time)


Here is a link to the categories so you can get your votes in before the time is up, and make your votes count \(^-^)/

Don't have an official tag list yet, so I'm just going to use the only one I have (The Soundtrack to Life Taglist) Please tag your K-Pop friends so they can see this too ^^

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@obiterdictum of course
a year ago·Reply
a year ago·Reply
@AgentLeo won't be long now, working on getting the announcement ready :)
a year ago·Reply
has the result cme out?
a year ago·Reply
@iraVVIP just waiting on the announcement video to be made, its an unfortunate reality that we all have had some unavoidable issues to deal with which has caused delays... so I'm very sorry, please bear with us just a little longer :)
a year ago·Reply