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Okay so for this card, it took me a while to decide who was my #1 favorite character. After a bit of bribing, I finally decided.
Lucy Heartfilia is definitely my favorite Fairy out of the whole bunch because I can relate to her in some ways... kind of. okay, maybe one or two. She writes books and so do I. She has a weirdo for a friend, so do I. But, heh, Natsu won't kill me if I said that, right?
Now Juvia, my second favorite character, I love because she is determined. Not in a bad way I say because she's not angering Gray, but she is semi patient and her tactic is... unique. But anyway, she became a favorite because she drew my attention to her.
Alrighty! We are almost done with this challenge! Woohoo! Are you all excited?? I want to say congrats to all who are participating! And congrats in advance (Hehe, that rhymed) to those lucky five! Tags: @Tylor619 @AimeBolanos @OtakuDemon10 @hikaymm May the odds be ever in your favor! A-And let's not kill each other because of that line, o-okay?
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I understood that reference! (now who understood THAT reference? lol I seem to be in a very reference-y mood today...) Another fabulous card!