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Hello Beautiful People!

Reporter Taemi here! I have some awesome news to share with you all! SM Entertainment came out with a new mobile game called 'EXO RUN'! Look at their adorable avatar characters on the cover !! So cute! Just from the looks of it, I know it's going to be a fun game. Now this is a game I will play! SM Entertainment will be expanding their market into the world of mobile games; this time with the newest mobile game 'EXORUN'! Go ahead and make that $$$! EXO have turned into unique, avatar game character, and users can dress the members up with stylish clothes and accessories as well as have fun with their super powers. Yeah I'm definitely going to play this! I mean who wouldn't right?

He is a short clip about the release of EXO RUN!

Here is a preview of the game from user "Flour's Story" on YouTube! The game looks so amazing and so fun!! Just like what they said, you can dress up their avatars, use their superpowers, & many more!

Here are the languages that's available for this game!

'EXORUN' is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store throughout the world except China, starting July 14th. Who's going to play this game? What do you guys think about this? Comment down below! Here are the links to get to EXO RUN: Google Play Store Apple Store


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Reporter @parktaemi

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So cute ^^ I had hard time picking between chanyeol or sehun
It is really fun and very cute.
Downloading it now!!! @jarviaklipka
I wish i had space to get it. Whats it like?! -馃惓 Sky
@daljiyong lol I downloaded to my tablet and phone, so I didn't have to choose. Because I would have had a hard time choosing too.
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