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Wendy Marvell

Yep. I took me a while to decide, but Wendy is my favorite character. The reason so, is because her character development. She started out as a shy little girl who didn't like fighting and grew into a powerful mage who helps her friends in time of need. Not mention, she is so frickin' adorable!

Runner Ups:

Erza Scarlet

She's originally who I was going to put as my favorite, but I've come to like Wendy a bit more. Erza was my favorite character since the beginning, she's just a badass and my wife. <3

Natsu Dragneel

I don't really need to explain this one do I?
:) to all of them
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U know it @Kell13 !! Natsu is obvious (Like A Boss) 馃槑
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I'm so proud of Wendy she's a badass now
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yeees!!! can't wait to see her grow
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on the two dragon slayers
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