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A/N: Hello everyone! I would like to apologize for not updating. I just got a job so I've been pretty tired and busy with that. But I am back with another chapter
Warning: Contains some violence and swear words
Happy Reading!
Jackson drives down his street, the only sound is the faint music coming from his car radio. A smile is spread across his face. He's never been this happy before. His little meet up with Mark turned into one of the best moments in his life. He was their for longer than he needed to be, but that didn't bother him one bit.
He pulls up on the curb in front of his house and notices that the only light on his the lamp by the living room window. Normally his mom would be in bed right now. He turns his gaze to the driveway and sees the too familiar truck parked there.
"Shit," Jackson curses, quickly unbuckling his seatbelt and shutting the car off. He slams the car door shut and runs to the front door. He can already her the sounds of shouting when he turns the door knob.
"You dumb bitch! Why can't you do anything right?"
"Pl-Please, stop!" he hears his mom plead. Jackson quickly walks up the stairs and finds his mom on the floor, her hands up by her face, and a built man standing above her.
"You are such a whore!" the man shouts. He brings his hand up and smacks her across her face.
"Stop!" Jackson yells, running over to the man, grabbing his arm so he doesn't hit her again.
"Don't fucking touch her!" Jackson tries to pull him away from her, but the man is much stronger than he is. The man spins around and catches Jackson's jaw with his other fist. Jackson stumbles back, losing his grip on the man and falls to the floor. The man turns away from Jackson's mom and walks over to were Jackson lies in pain. The man brings back his foot and kicks Jackson in the stomach, causing him to curl up in a ball. The man gives Jackson another strong kick, but this time he kicks him in his lower back. Jackson rolls away, feeling his body land next to the couch. He feels so helpless and vulnerable. It sickens him inside.
Jackson's mom slowly gets up from the floor, using the wall for support. "Enough!" she shouts, resting her back on the wall.
The man turns away from Jackson to face her, "This doesn't concern you!" he shouts back, pointing at her. Jackson turns his head and looks up at the man. Yep, it's the same one. Jackson looks up at his face and only sees anger and disgust.
"Yes, it does," His mom says, "Either you leave right now, or I'll call the police and make you leave."
The man unclenches his fist. He looks down at Jackson's limp body then back at his mom. "Fine," he says firmly, "But I'm not done with you." he storms down the stairs and exits the house, slamming the front door shut on his way out. Jackson hears his truck start up and hears the screeching of his tires, then he hears nothing. 'Thank God,' he thinks.
Jackson's mom then rushes over to him. "Are you okay?"
Jackson lets out a weak groan in response. His mom wipes his hair from his face and a stray tear that managed to escape from his eye. "Sit up. I'll get you some water" Before he could protest, she gets up and walk into the kitchen.
Jackson sighs and pushes himself up with his hands. He winces as pain travels throughout his whole body. He wouldn't be surprised if that bastard broke something with all the pain he is feeling. Jackson finally manages to sit himself up and rests his back on the back of the couch behind him. He lets out a shaky breath. 'You could've stopped this' he thinks to himself, 'You could've fought back harder.' He closes his eyes. He needs to stop blaming himself for this every time it happens
Jackson's mom reappears moments later with a glass of water in one hand, and an icepack and pain meds in the other. "Here," she says softly, kneeling down beside him. She puts the pain meds in his mouth and hands him the water. Jackson takes the glass and swallows the pills. He takes small sips and places it on the floor on his other side. His mom takes the icepack and puts it on his stomach. Jackson looks down at his mom's arms and notices small bruises forming on them. He looks at her face and notices one forming on her cheek. How long was that man here before Jackson came back?
"Mom, how long-" he whispers
"Shh," his mother interrupts, "Don't speak."
"Why was he here?" he asks.
"We'll talk about it later."
"Why haven't you quit yet?"
She sighs, moving the icepack from his stomach to his jaw. "Jackson, you know I can't do that."
"But he keeps hurting us mom. It's not right."
She looks up at him, sadness clouding her eyes. She sets the icepack down and places her hand on his cheek. "I know it's not right, but it's all we can do right now until your dad comes back." Jackson sees a tear escape his mom's eye, but she doesn't wipe it.
"I'm sorry this is happening to us, but it's what we have to do. Please just... be brave for a little while longer."
Be brave. He's ben told that sentence for many years now. He doesn't like that sentence anymore. He hates that he always has to be brave, but he has to obey it. For his mom's sake.
Jackson nods slightly, "I'll try."
His mom lets out a weak smile and wraps her arms around him. "I'm trying to find other work. Please just stay strong." she whispers, digging her head into his shoulder. Jackson tightens his grip around his mother, wondering if can really be strong.


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