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Goodness I'm behind, but I have two things to say about this music video...but first, let's watch it :)
First off, I didn't know how much I missed his voice until I watched's still so amazing and beautiful! Gah! I swear he would be perfect with KRY... (/.\) But yeah...lots of love for his vocals (/.\)
Second off...have you guys seen the amount of dislikes he has on that music video? If you didn't know, there's a conflict that occurred on his Instagram. I'm not quite familiar with what happened, but a lot of Vietnamese as well as other international fans got mad because of it. As far as I know, it was his own political opinion that he had posted. I understand that some people would get angry because of this, but let's not let it affect his music video. So if you please may, press the thumbs up button. Currently, there are over 22k dislikes and only 19k likes. Let's try and change that for the guy. Plus, let's also increase his views! Let's work hard and show and little love to Zhou Mi after waiting for two years for his comeback :)
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@szewwy @Kpossible4250 Ah, yeah, it's popping up more on facebook...honestly, I'm not even mad. Like, the dude can pledge allegiance to his country and support his country...I don't see why everybody is making such a big deal out of it? Especially on his music updates...sigh... 😥
@GamerKyumin I'm with you on that
@Gamerkyumin I understand why people would be upset with that but be upset with China, not the people from there. I understand too that their culture is moreso to support their leaders than western countries like America where we're more critical.
@szewwy Oh yeah, I completely agree...I honestly hope that this issue doesn't hurt him too much.
@GamerKyumin @szewwy same along with the other idols