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This is a very well made video and it's important for not just GOT7 fans to see, but for every Kpop fan. The message is this: our idols are human too. They have feelings and they make mistakes. America is not their home (for Mark it is but you can't expect him to be able to teach all of the members every cultural difference), the American culture is very different from the Korean culture, our histories are very different. Idols make mistakes just as regular folks do. Vilifying them for small things like having a tattoo or possible underaged drinking on private property under the supervision of guardians, and saying a racial slur when they have no idea it is a racial slur are honest mistakes, some aren't even offenses and to burn them at the stake for it only shows we are the evil ones here, not our idols. Judging by the reaction, you would think Yugyeom crashed his car into a school bus while intoxicated, killing a bunch of children, Bam Bam joined the KKK and Mark is doing flesh pulls while dealing molly on the rave scene. I'm only a casual GOT7 fan, I haven't yet fallen into this fandom and I hardly deserve the title of iGOT7, but I know what being a fan means and the way these guys have been treated by so-called "fans" is disgusting. These people should be ashamed of themselves. Honestly, this ridiculous scandal has changed only one thing about GOT7 in my mind; it's turned me into a fan. I will step up and support these boys proudly. I hope many others will join me and say this was the moment I became an iGOT7.
i cried rn this is beautiful
@solodaywithB1A4 awwww don't cryyyyyyyy
@Helixx PREACH