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This is it, the last day, which is kinda sad, but today we get to fangirl over our favorite sexy Fairy Tail characters! Just don't forget to watch treat that smexiness in accordance with the community guidelines!

Gray Fullbuster

*looks cautiously around for Juvia - coast is clear!* I've definitely had a total anime crush on this ice-cold hottie since I first laid eyes on him! He's got mad skills, brains to boot, and a stripping habit you sure won't hear me complaining about! He's probably my favorite character in all of Fairy Tail, but I wanted to save him for today because he's just so damn sexy (and I haven't even gotten to Devil Slayer Gray! I DON'T THINK I CAN TAKE IT!)! Just don't tell Juvia! Or Gajeel!

Honorable Mentions

With so many sexy characters to choose from this could get hot, so prepare your ovaries!

Natsu Dragneel

Speaking of hot, I may be a Gray girl, but Natsu sure gets me fired up too! We all know he's super hot, in more ways than one, like his overwhelming drive and passion to protect his Fairy Tail nakama! I love how he can go from super goofy and entertaining to super intimidating and HOT AF!


So this one is probably mostly because I have a little thing for gingers! I love Loke so much! The little arc where the truth about him is revealed is still one of my favorites! I just wish he would randomly show up on his own more; I miss him!

Eve Tearm

The youngest member of the Blue Pegasus guild's Trimens team, Eve is adorable, polite, charming, and clever! He was actually originally trained to join the Rune Knights and is known as Holy Knight Eve. I kinda wanna see more of those Blue Pegasus boys, just for little Eve!


Though Bickslow usually keeps most of his face covered to prevent others from being affected by his Figure Eyes, he's actually secretly kind of a hottie! He's kind of lighthearted, yet also kinda crazy, if that makes sense, which makes him a really fun character!
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I love the 6th picture... That awkward moment...
Too much sexiness.... MY FACS CANT HANDLE IT >////////////<
@OtakuDemon10 -_- fine then give me everybody else 😆
@KainaFox 😲NO HE'S MINE!
@OtakuDemon10 just give me him ;)
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