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I already posted a card saying that I wanted to forget about the got7 situation but now I'm kinda mad. I don't know if this is jyp or just some dumb internet troll but is replacing bambam's picture necessary? yes, he did say a bad word but he has repeatedly stated that he is very sorry for his actions and didnt know what the word meant. I'm also getting fed up with all of these memes about it. this needs to stop right now.

what is with people i swear he made a mistake and went against his company to apologize why are they hating one him he is young and dumb like everyone out there he makes mistakes he is a human being not a robot i hope all haters can stop hating on poor bambam he is probably beating himself up for this when he doesn't have to people need to chill And understand he is makes mistakes
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It's a troll. People are constantly changing everyone's picture. I.e. Zico's picture when you look up Block B. Everything will eventually die down we just need to keep our heads and the positivity up.
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this is getting out of hand
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Thank you to whoever fixed it!!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😄😄
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thank god or else I would've punched someone like yesterday
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