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Introduction : Mark has a secret. He is too shy to tell. Jackson is determined to find out. And why does mark have Pink high heels?
~Jackson POV~ Everyday mark goes out at 9 pm and comes home with pink bags in his hands. I would even ask where he would go and who's bags are those for, and the same answer he gives me is a simple "stop being too noisy jackson. " This been bothering me for 2 months now. He never dresses in front of me (probably can't resist your sexiness) and when I'm done taking a shower he would always bring his towel and pj's with him and change in the restroom. It would always bug the shit out of me. He just had to do something in secret . That's why I made myself a goal, and that goal is to find out what mark is hiding. ~Skip a couple hours~ I sat on the couch waiting for mark to leave, for a hour (yes an hour more) until I saw him walk out the door, into the night.I waited for a few minutes until I rose from my seat and followed. I caught up to where I could see mark walking on the sidewalk keeping a good distance behind him. "Where the hell is mark going?" I thought to myself until I saw mark take a turn to a small store. My eyes traveled over the big bright letters that read ( okay tbh I laughed when I thought of this) "Feel Sweet" in pink. " Why would he be in here for?" I went closer to the store to get a better look inside. I saw mark talking to one of the employees , he nodded and guided mark to the register and gave him a bag, the same pink bag mark comes home with. He put his hand in the bag and took out a light pink handbag with a heart key chain. I saw mark nod his head in approval, the man went back of the store and came back carrying another pink bag, he reached his hand in and my eyes grew big as he took out lace underwears, one in black and the other in light pink, along with a heart shaped garnets.
Alright how do you guys like it so far? I'm truly sorry for my followers for a long wait for this story I'm having troubles with my phone and a bit of writers block. But hope you guys aren't mad at me for this. IGOT7 TEAM: @Luna1171 @PrettieeEmm @ManduBum @AaliyahNewbell @VeronicaArtino @UnnieCakeAli @TaehyungV @TwistedPuppy @JaeLayJooWonho
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