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When it comes to Fairy Tail there are so many amazing characters in the show that you just cant help but fall in love with! The characters personality are just to amazing to just pick one xD I will do my Top 5 Favorite Fairy Tail Characters! *SPOILERS AHEAD... MAYBE JUST INCASE XD*

My First Favorite Character from FT hands down is the lovely Juvia Lockser❤ I gotta be honest with you guys Juvia is by far my most favorite in FT her personality and will power is just funny yet admirable because she never stops trying for what she really wants and most of us cant even do that on a daily basis xD I think Juvia is the only female character that has ever made me question my sexuality xD ( jk Im straight I promise! ) but if I ever went the other way I think Juvia would be my girl❤ God I love her!
My Second Favorite Character from FT is the Beautiful She-Devil Mirajane Strauss❤ God this girl is awesome! What I love the most about her is how she is so kind and loving yet still be scary and crazy strong at the same time! Mirajane will always be that character that keeps on giving me a reason to love her more everytime I see her! Love her so much!
My Third Favorite Character from FT (My Most Favorite Boy) is non other than the Great Natsu Dragneel!❤ Natsu is amazing in every wat possible his personality is just that amazing! He can make you Laugh, Feel Happy, Feel Sad, He can even make you feel pumped up for a fight he's about to face! Natsu is always there for his guildmates and it's even more awesome how he never backs down from a fight even if he knows he can possibly die (not really xD) Natsu is awesome hands down!
My Fourth Favorite Character from FT is The cold yet Super Cool Gray Fullbuster!❤ I love Gray's laid back sexy vibe xD There were times where I thought crap he might be a bad guy TuT (like with that crazy dragon lady : forgot the name of the arc xD) But Gray always prevailed in the end and Im always excited to see awesome fighting scenes from him, for me heas almost (almost) like a bad boy vibe and who hasn't had a crush on a bad boy before xD
And last but certainly not least My Fifth Favorite Character from FT is the Beautiful Queen of the Fairies, Erza Scarlet❤ I love Erza she is so strong willed and so damn beautiful I dont think she realizes sometimes. Erza is awesome at everything she does even at having fun sometimes xD Erza has gone through so many things duimring her childhood it's amazing how she grew from that and honestly has become such an amazing wizard. I love you Titania❤ xD
Don't forget Tomorrow is the last challenge post BUT! You still have time to join in on the fun or those a little behind you guys can all still catch up because you have till MONDAY! Remember the theme's for the challenge are! Support Sunday- Favorite Support Character Magic Monday- Fav Magic Teamwork Tuesday- Fav Duo/Group Who do you ship Wednesday?- Favorite Ships! Throw down Thursday - Who Would Win (make up a battle) Favorite Friday- Favorite Character Sexy Saturday- Who is your Favorite Sexy FT character

Well those are my Top 5 Favorite FT Characters! Who are yours?!


woah woah, I didn't know you liked Juvia like that...back off MY bae 😂😂
Amazing job as always Aime!! ^-^
@AimeBolanos It's alright the rest of the characters were awesome.
@Kell13 Yay! xD Sorry there isn't any Wendy tho..
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