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I'm going on a trip, so I'm doing a lot of days now. 14. I was really sad when Petra died from AOT 15. Happy from Fairy Tail 16. Nagi no Asukara has amazing animation and art. 17. Nakanojo from Nichijou. That guy is just awesome. 18. The mom from Itazura Na Kiss, because I feel like that's me as a mom. 19. Every fight scene ever in AOT 20. Nozaki from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun. I think anyone who has seen it can understand why. 21. Yato from Noragami. He's a goof. 22. Yato's weapon from Noragami, because it's Yukine. 23. Inuyasha's Meido Zangetsuha from Inuyasha.
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omg I totally agree about Petra! I'm due for a rewatch on AoT cuz I don't remember much, but I remember Petra by far was the character whose Death affected me most! I don't even know why! Also love for Yukine-kun💛