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Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: Mature content / College AU Chapter 10 Story: One night and one big mistake led you to becoming a plaything to your best friend's brother. It seems like you can't do anything without Junmyeon hanging that night over your shoulder. What a jerk right, then how did you get addicted?
Two years later Y/N's POV You were sitting down on your bed looking through your cake book. After graduating, Junmyeon helped you set up a bakery that surprisingly took off in no time. You were popular but you still had a long way to go. This was the next step, after making cakes for a few celebrity weddings word got out about how good you and your cake business was. This was the biggest event ever, a huge company bought out an entire hall for the entire day and they asked your business to make the sweets. Sure you had more workers on hand and you were honored by the job but you had no idea what to make. The others had an easier time than you; they were making small standard treats and sure they had to bake hundreds and hundreds of them but you specifically had to make 'a grand cake that would wow the guests' as the owners assistant had so kindly repeated to you verbatim. You were furiously flipping through pages when you heard something. You looked up and strained your ears to listen. Your son should've been asleep in the crib and since you only heard the sound once you dismissed it. You continued flipping through pages until you heard it again only this time louder and coming from downstairs. You hurried out of the room and looked over the silver railing. Junmyeon was on the floor looking tired from carrying numerous bags inside. Your son started crying so you went into his room and picked him up. "Shush it's okay Haneul, it's just your idiot father." You were outside of the room by the time you said idiot and Junmyeon groaned from downstairs saying, "I heard that." "I hope so, what are you doing on the floor?" Junmyeon stood up brushing himself off and said, "You weren't supposed to see all of this yet. How are you feeling?" He started making faces at Haneul who was staring at him blank faced as you bounced up and down slightly to get him calm. You could hear your son's bubbly laughter as he watched Junmyeon make strange faces. "I'm fine just a little annoyed." you answered. "Well I told you to relax today." "I know but the event is in two weeks and I still haven't found a recipe I want to use yet." "Well what about the green tea cake? That was really good." "No that's been done already, so has chocolate, marble, red velvet, vanilla, banana-" "Ginger?" "What?" you looked at him. He was now playing with Haneul, he was holding onto Junmyeon's fingers and laughing when Junmyeon used his free hand to tickle his stomach. "Well you said you came up with a ginger recipe, something sweet and spicy. You could use ginger flowers and coat the petals in sugar like you did with the roses for that one wedding." he said. "Junmyeon." You said serious. Junmyeon looked up at you with raised eyebrows, even Haneul tried to turn up his head to look at you You couldn't help but look down and smile at him. You looked at Junmyeon who was now standing up straight and said, "Have I told you how much I love you?" you smiled. "Hmm not enough, tell me now." He was biting his lip as he walked up to you to give you a kiss. He pulled away laughing and looked down at Haneul. He was pushing Junmyeon away from you. "Hey she may be your mommy but she's still mine." "He obviously disagrees." you laughed. There was a knock on your door and you went to open it after handing Haneul to Junmyeon. Yixing and Kyungsoo were at the door. "What's up Mrs.Kim?" Yixing said smiling and walking through the door. Your eyes followed him and you shook your head as you watched him head over to play with Haneul. "No please come in I wasn't having a private moment with my husband and child." You said sarcastically. "You didn't tell her we were coming?" Kyungsoo asked. You looked back at Junmyeon, he was finishing a shrug. "I didn't have much time. Everything is still on the floor." He answered. "What are you talking about? Yixing what are you doing with my son?" you said annoyed again. "I wanted it to be a surprise baby girl. You've been so on edge lately I asked the guys to babysit Haneul for the night. So we could spend sometime together." He walked up to you and whispered in your ear, "It's been a while since I heard you scream my name baby girl." You pushed him from you shaking your head. "Okay well if you're going to take my child make sure you take everything he needs. Seriously Yixing, Kyungsoo one hair hair out of place. You and me. Issues." You said emphasizing the last half of your sentence. "Relax Y/N it's not like it's the first time we've watched him." Yixing said. He had a point but you still rolled your eyes. You were always worried about Haneul when he wasn't in your care. Even when Junmyeon took him, you knew he'd never let him get hurt but even you threatened to hurt him if something happened to him. You once gave him the silent treatment for two days because he let Haneul walk around the house unsupervised and he bumped the side of his head on the table. Kyungsoo went upstairs to Haneul's room to retrieve his bag. When he came back down, you said, "Tell Gi I said hi and Haneul might be a little cranky, his father woke him from his nap." "Hey I was trying to do something nice, be good to me Y/N." Junmyeon pouted. You laughed as he continued picking up bags from the floor. Kyungsoo and Yixing said goodbye and you gave Haneul one last kiss before they left. You sat down on the couch, "Does he really have to stay there all night?" you said already missing him. "Baby girl, I understand why you're so protective of him but I need some alone time with you. We're both going to be busy for the next few weeks this is probably the most time we'll get to spend together alone." He said stacking stuff on the kitchen counter. "I know. I just don't like being away from him for so long." "If you're not careful you'll turn into my mother." "Well that killed my mood." said bummed. Junmyeon laughed, "Just forewarning you." "Thanks." "Baby girl you've been on edge for a while now, it's been hard to approach you sometimes." "Sorry, it's just work is stressing me out." you said apologetically. "I know but you know I hate when you're stressed Jagi. Enjoy tonight with your Junnie." he smiled. You laughed at him while shaking your head. "Okay so I bought all the necessary stuff to make dinner tonight so you go put your sexiest dress on and I'll get to work." he said. "Junnie, I don't wanna wear a dress today, can't I just eat dinner in my bra and underwear, we both know you're just going to end up taking it off anyway." "Baby girl, you're everything to me but I want a gradual build up. If you eat half naked I'm likely to spontaneously combust and trust me that's not fun for either of us." You shook your head and got up from the couch. You made your way to the bedroom and opted to look for your ginger recipe in your cake book. The recipe had to be slightly altered not just to fit a bigger scale but to balance out the flavors of sweetness and spiciness. You were trying to think of a good icing recipe, thinking it shouldn't be too sweet because you wanted to have sugar covered chewable ginger candy on top of the cake. Then you rethought the idea, maybe make the icing sweet and add more ginger in the actual cake. Your hand scribbled down the different ways you could make the cake, every once in a while sketching how you wanted the cake to look. You couldn't wait to experiment with the recipe tomorrow. You heard Junmyeon call up to you after you spent sometime working on the recipe. He told you that dinner was almost done so you quickly grabbed one of the dresses he bought you and slipped it on. He liked straps for some reason so you chose the iridescent pink dress with thin straps; the dress was short and tight and you knew he would like it. He could barely keep his eyes off of you and some how during the conversation he'd always find a way to bring it back to your body and how delicious you looked. It finally got to a point where he couldn't seem to take it anymore. He stood up and walked behind you and kissed your neck. You immediately released a moan once you felt his lips and tongue graze your skin. You could feel his lips curl into a smile as he said, "Fuck baby girl I feel like it's been forever since I touched you. You're already moaning to my lips." "You keep talking you'll end this sooner than you like." "Oh baby girl if you think we're ending tonight in just one round you're very mistaken." Junmyeon pulled back your chair quickly and stood you up. He pressed his body to yours and let his hand drag up your short dress. He smiled kissing you hard then he whispered in your ear sensually, "I'm gonna make love to you all night long. I'm going to fuck you so hard everyone below us will hear you scream my name." "Junmyeon." you said weak. "No baby girl you know what name I want to hear." He lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. He made his way up the stairs carefully and to your bedroom; he didn't even kick the door close he just laid you down on the bed and let his hand go under your dress. He pulled your underwear off and tossed them to the side and let his mouth attack your lips below. You moaned out loud grabbing a handful of his hair, "Junnie!" you cried in surprise. "Hmm." he responded while his tongue made figure eights on your clit. "Shit,don't stop." you couldn't help but give in. Your grip on his hair became tighter and you pulled him in closer, your hips rolling against his tongue. "Ah! Junnie I'm gonna-" "Not yet." he said pulling away quickly. You exhaled disappointed, your back going back to the bed. He stood up unbuttoning his shirt revealing the body you loved to look at so much. You were biting your lip as he was removing his pants and underwear. He looked up to see you staring, he was licking his lips in return. "Baby girl I want to see that sexy body of yours." You nodded and slowly removed your dress, his eyes taking in every inch of skin you revealed to him. He climbed back over you as you were pulling the dress over your head. He grabbed the dress tightening it around your wrist, trapping your hands in the fabric.. He let his erection tease you, sliding it against your clit while he kissed your neck. Even though your hands were pinned down you still tried to move them to get to Junmyeon's neck. "Junnie." you begged through hot moans. "Yes baby girl." he whispered in your ear. "Let go of my hands." "Not yet." He licked the bottom of your earlobe before catching it between his teeth. He finally stopped sliding his hardness against your clit now aligning himself with his one free hand. He pushed inside you, your back arched up, mouth open but no sound coming out until you sighed as you came back down to the bed. He began moving slowly whispering in soft moans, "Y/N. Y/N." You released soft moans into his mouth when he kissed you. You wanted to grab onto him so bad, your hips rolled against him, both of you grinding against each other slowly. "How bad do you want me baby girl?" he said. "More Junnie, please go faster." He pushed inside of you harder. You bit your lip at the power of his thrust, you could feel yourself tighten around him a little more. "Beg me." "Please Junnie, I want you so bad. Move faster." you said. He only sped up a bit more, your moans got a little louder and your breathing noticeable. You could hear him moaning and he let go of your dress to grab your hips and move faster inside you. You threw the dress off freeing your hands and grabbing his shoulder tight. He pushed your hand away flipping you over into the doggy style. He wasted no time slamming into you and you cried out loud feeling pleasure from his hard thrusting. "You like that baby girl?" he said. "Yes Junnie." "Fuck you feel so amazing. Say my name baby girl." "Junnie " "Yes just like that, keep calling for me." His voice had gotten rough as you called his name out louder. You could tell by how he was moving that your voice was bringing him closer to his release. He laid you on your side lifting up your leg with one hand while he laid behind you and continued moving. Your hand reached back holding his head to you, his cheek resting against yours as he released hot moans against you. "I'm so close Junnie." moaned "Touch yourself baby girl. I want you cum." Your hand left him and reached for your clit to add extra sensation through your body. You were moaning out louder and louder, "Oh Fuck Junnie." you yelled as you finally reached your climax. Your voice was loud and reached outside your room door and into the halls. He was still thrusting inside you, he flipped you over on your stomach pushing inside you roughly; his moans in your ear still sending tingles through your body. "You're so beautiful Y/N. I love you so much baby girl." he whispered. With one last powerful thrust, he released inside you and continued moving until he completely drove out his high. He rolled over on the bed catching his breath and you looked up at him with a small smile. "Tired already? You may not make it to another round." you said teasing. "Hey we're allowed short breaks between rounds. I'm not a monster." "Yes you are." you said laughing. He looked at you laughing. His hair sticking to his forehead because of the sweat. You leaned over and kissed him, "Hey how come you always get to be in charge?" you pouted. "Baby girl if you want to take charge all you have to do is ask." Junmyeon smiled. You sat up swinging your leg on over him. You leaned down to his face, now straddling him and your hands on his chest. "And what if I just take charge?" you said seductively. "I'd be careful if I were you baby girl. Don't start round two if you're not ready for what comes next." he grinned. You laughed as you bent down to kiss him. He brought his hands up to your face and you secretly pulled at the scarf hanging on your bed's headboard. You caught him off guard when you snaked the fabric over his wrists then tightened them till they were close together. "You're the one that should prepare for what comes next." you smiled evily "Damn it you're so sexy." you could hear the lust returning to his voice. You laughed at him, "You think if I do a good job I'll get you pregnant again?" Junmyeon grinned. "Is that what you want?" you said raising your eyebrows. He smiled at you and nodded, "Let's make Haneul a big brother." he said. "There's so much going on in our lives right now Junmyeon are you sure you're ready for that?" "Yes baby girl. Let me put a baby in you." he beamed. You smiled and lowered yourself onto him. What made him hard again, you weren't sure but he was. "Then be a good boy for me and maybe you'll get what you want."
Was that ending too dirty? I hope you enjoyed the story guys thanks for reading and for the corrections. I've taken note of it so that I'll know for future work. I appreciate everyone being supportive of the stories thank you so much❤ ~BabydollBre Tag list: @kpossible4250 @jaysbae13 @princess2425 @Tiffany1922 @Anna5221 @VKookie47 @elishafisher @griseldazenger @Alyessiazavala @Parktaemi @sarahdawish @JaxomB @Queenlee @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @herosbells @JasmineGregory @Animezkpopgirl @Xionheart @isisMayaVelasco
she asks if the end was too dirty! lmao... smh .. that was pretty mild and expected after ALL the other chapters lol. "let me put a baby in you" that was hilarious and cute.. thanks for this story.
Loved it!! I swear you can make some good ass fanfics 🙌💯❤ This one took me on an emotional rollercoaster lol
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@ElishaFisher lol thank you for reading your comments are amazing
well hot damn.
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