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Omg @BlackoutZJ I can't believe it's your Birthday today! (TuT you should've told me sooner!) Im super glad that I got to meet you here on this lovely Vingle App xD But anway.. When I look back at it you were probably the first person I ever really interacted with here on Vingle so technically you are my first friend from Vingle! xD You're an awesome friend/person and I hope you never change! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!! And remember..... ZAKKU STYLE! XD

*Warning there are Some Lewd gifs coming!* xD Lol mot really I just love that gif from Lilith❀

Some of your Waifus and Kids xD

I love them allπŸ˜† Thanks
@BlackoutZJ You're Welcome
#YouCan'tHaveThem *Looks at all the guys eying them* Mine😐 @AimeBolanos
@BlackoutZJ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚