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{MCM 30} Day 5 Which series do I want to read

I have two series I hope thats OK :3

One Piece:

This may seem weird but like Attack on Titan I don't read the manga but I want to read One Piece. It seems like there are aspect of the manga that aren't translated very well in their anime adaptation and I'd like to know those differences especially when people say the manga is 1 billion times better than the anime

Boku no Hero Academia:

I haven't read this practically at all. I recently checked out the last chapter, but I really want to get into the meat of this manga and read it constantly. The deterrent for me is the main character Izuku he's the worst MC I've ever seen but it's the environment AROUND him that makes me want to read it from the teachers to the trainee heroes, whether it be the cute and loveable Tsuyu Asui, the hilarious Tenya Iida, or the BEAST INCARNATE Katsuki Bakugou. I think this series has potential and I want to be apart of the experience.
If I offend you with the Hero Acedmia post I'm sorry but hopefully we can still get along :) so what are the series you want to read? I'd love to know and can't wait to read about it :3 Follow @SimplyAwkward for her original post and collection on the manga challenge :)
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