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For all you who loooovve Jimin here are some pictures of him I have on my phone!

Bet all of you are freaking out by now XD

Jimin is a killer, a cold blooded fangirl killer! Especially when he hits those high notes!

Thank you for your precious time if you want to be tagged or removed from my tag list please tell me!

Amazing Taglist of Kpoppers -

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@AnimeKpopFreak 馃槀 why is it so hard to stay faithful!? Jiminie is too beautiful
a year agoReply
@Nikkitty IDK AHH!!
a year agoReply
@AnimeKpopFreak no....I had Jimin wreck me for a whole 2 days and then i blocked him. Or i accepted that he likes to wreck havoc on everyrhing. So when sexy Chim shows up I'm no longer phased.
a year agoReply
@LemonLassie XD awwwww poor u don't worry
a year agoReply
@AnimeKpopFreak why dont worry??? do you have something planned??? or dear now im going to worry
a year agoReply