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Chapter 4 ************* For the first time in my life, I wasn't woken up by a nightmare. I had a peaceful sleep. The sunset was beaming through the window. I rubbed my eyes to wake myself up. When I looked around, I realized that I wasn't in my room. I sat up as the sheets fell from my body. I was completely naked under. I gasped as I remembered that I had sex last night with Master Leo. A door opened that led to a bathroom. Master Leo had a towel wrapped around his lower waist. His chocolate abs were exposed as he was towel drying his hair. He glanced at me and smirk. It was the first time I saw him smirk. It took me by surprise and left me breathless. When he walked into his closet, I saw his back. There were scares on his back, but they matched perfectly on his skin, that had me drooling. I shook my head and slapped myself. "No Areum just no" I told myself. When Master Leo came back in the room, he handed me a shirt. "T-T-Thank Yo-u-u Master L-L-Leo" I stuttered with a blush. I was pretty sure my stuttering was effected by his perfect looks. Slipping on the shirt that came to my thighs, I got my clothes and left the room. I could have sworn that there was another smirk on his lips. I walked into my room and was startled by Nisha sitting on my bed. She got up from the bed and sniffed around me before dragging me to the bed to sit. "You were with Leo last night?" She asked. It was like a motherly tone but also a friend tone when she asked. "Yes" "What happened?" I swallowed and looked her in the eyes. "I went to apologize for my episode that I had yesterday. I didn't mean for it to happen but everytime I see chains or any sex toy, I get my unwanted memories back." I didn't realize I had tears running down my face until she hugged me. I let out a loud sob. "Shh it's alright, don't cry" I heard her say as she rocked me. For the first time in my life, I had someone nice to me. "Thank you" I told her as she gave me a confused look. "For what?" "For being nice to me. All my life, I have ran away. I ran away from my abusive parents at the age of ten, I was stupid and let a creepy old man take me to his home. He sexual raped me and used me as a sex toy. When he died, I was only sixteen. I got me a job as a stripper, I was kidnapped and sold as a slave. I was passed around and every escape I tried to make, I would be punished. Toome of the master, I was just a sex toy for them and nothing else. When they got what they want, they would throw me away to the next person." I explained how my life was. "But with you and the Masters. I feel like I don't need to run. I will be treated well here." I said looking at her. She gave me a small smile and rubbed my arm. "I'll try my best to keep the boys under control. I am mated to their oldest brother." She laughed. Her laugh was sweet and joyful. It sounded like mucis to your ears. "When I first got here it was bad but not to bad. Besides Leo hating me a little bit. I tought they were going to kill me but they didn't, I was saved and changed into a vampire after my enemy killed me." "That all happened?" I asked her. As she nod. "Yes. I actually been a vampire for almost two weeks." My eyes popped out of my skull. I knew everything about a new vampire fledgling. And some of them weren't pretty. "How are you so in control of yourself?" She shrugged. "I'm learned the best from HakYeon, but if I really went crazy, I know him and the others will try to clam me down" I nod. "Come on let's get you dressed and go down to eat." She mentioned. I got up from the bed and got dressed. We made our way down the stairs. "Good morning Areum" Master Hongbin said to me. I bowed to him "Good morning Master Hongbin" The masters were sitting at a rectangular table. The food was already made and set. "Areum will you join us?" Master Ken asked. "She already is. Here Areum you can sit by Leo" Master Hyuk said pulling out a chair next to Master Leo. Master Leo didn't looked fazed at all. He was to observe in his book. I blushed and looked away. This morning was still playing in my memory. I slowly took the seat next to Master Leo. "Areum is it alright to know your age?" Master Hyuk asked me but received a slap from Master Hongbin. "You clearly didn't learn the first time. How many time do I have to tell that its rude to ask a lady her age." Master Hongbin lectured Master Hyuk. "Its okay Master Hongbin. I'm twenty three, Master Hyuk" I gave them both a smile. "Areum you have a beautiful smile." Master Ravi said. I blushed and bowed my head to hide my face. Master Leo slammed his book shut and gave his usual expression before scrapping the chair against the floor and standing up. He was about to walk out when he looked over his shoulder. "Areum?" I was startled by his soft immediating voice. "Y-yes Master L-L-Leo" finding myslef stuttering again. "Meet me in the front outside after breakfast" he said walking off before I could reply. All through breakfast all of my masters were asking me silly questions just to get to know me. When I went to go do the dishes, Nisha pushed me out and told me not to let Master Leo wait. I quickly went up stairs to get shoes on. I rushed to the front to see Master Leo standing with his back facing the door. He was looking out up at the sky. The way his blonde hair waved around his head. How his shoulders were so broad. He stood there like a god. "If your done checking me out, I would like to go." He said turning his piercing red eyes at me. It made my heart stop and left me breathless. I shook my head. "Yes of course Master Leo" and quickly stood by his side. It was cool outside with the wind blowing. I was to busy looking around and didnt notice we were at a park. He took a hold of my hand. I glanced down at our hands as he gave a light squeeze. I looked up to see him staring at me. I had many thought running through my head as to why I was here with him. "Come" he said and led me through a forest. We walked a little ways until we came across a meadow with the moon shinning bright against the grass and night flowers. He let go of my hand and walked out some more. He looked at me with a smirk and waved for me to go to where he was. I took a deep breathe and walked up to him. Right there, there was candles flickering and a blanket that laid across the grass. I took my shoes off and stepped on the bkanket to lay down beside him. There was nothing but silence and I really enjoyed it as I was fascinated by the sky. "Areum would you be my beauty in the night sky?"
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