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안녕 여러분~ 여름 더워요?
D.O didn't hear anything about Lauren for the past couple of days. That mental health day his manager suggested really helped him clear his mind of that one blissful weekend. It was the most peaceful and relaxing days he had spent in a long time -- probably before his trainee days. Everyone was cautious around him, now; careful to not make him upset again. EXO would be performing for Mnet M!Countdown on Thursday and D.O needed to get his head on straight. To be quite frank the CEO was upset with their past performances: "You are all getting too comfortable. Make the stage yours, but still be professional" the boys were always told. After their intense practice, the boys lounged in the den and Lay turned on the television. Flipping through the channels, he suddenly stopped when he saw D.O on the screen. "Oh! D.O! Your episodes of 'Meeting You' are on. They did great editing" he announced. Despite D.O being sad about already losing her, he sat next to Baekhyun on the couch to watch. They all watched as the cameras were shooting from a distance watching D.O and Lauren swing at the park. D.O's smile was wide and Lauren's laugh filled his heart with joy. It even sounded perfect from the television. The camera crew must've noticed his glee from that day as they slowed down the screen to capture how pure their hearts were staring at each other on the swings. D.O didn't realize he was smiling so wide until he felt everyone's stares on him. They were all smiling back and Chanyeol slapped him on the back playfully. They all felt relieved that he wasn't as distressed anymore. Everyone started leaving for their rooms to get ready for the sleep, but D.O stayed to watch the entire show. They were just short segment, but he gleamed in remembrance of each activity they did together last weekend. ----- D.O woke up later than usual the next morning on the couch and decided to get back to cooking; he made one of his mother's favorite recipes that reminded him of good times pre-debut. It was Thursday morning and D.O was actually excited to perform today. He hoped Lauren would be watching and would remember all the good times they shared the past week. After everyone shared a good meal together, D.O scurried to his room and took the shower he neglected last night. And then he quickly changed into some random clothes, knowing the cordis would have clothes for him to change into. The rest of EXO was waiting outside patiently and D.O jumped into the van alongside them. Once they reached the studio, the producers, assistants, and coordinators all grabbed the boys and ushered them inside away from the fans who couldn't get seats. The boys were significantly changed. Hair and makeup slabbed on. Flashy clothes layered on. Mics tapped awkwardly to their faces. And last minute rehearsals finished. It was late afternoon when it was time to perform. They were all lined up in front of a small curtain to have an interview. Key and Lee Jung-shin were hosts and made sure the boys felt enthusiastic to perform. "Aw Jung-shin! I love this new song. It's been on the radio all the time and I can't get it out of my head." Key started. "Love me right uh-huh. Just love me right uh-huh" the two sang together. "Let's welcome EXO with us. EXO has been getting a lot more publicity lately. How are you all?"Jungshin welcomed. "We've been doing great. We've all been working hard for this performance tonight. We pushed our other album priorities to the side to make sure we were all ready to give one of our best performances as usual." "Wow new album? I'm excited!" Key bursted. "We have been working hard on the choreography. It will be even more intense foot work and I hope you all look forward to it." Suho got in there. "It sounds like you're making great progress. Personally, what's your favorite song on this album?" All the boys looked at each other: "Honestly, it was so exciting to put it together, I don't think any of us could choose one." "Well I like watching the playboy performance. But Love Me Right is so exciting and groovy!" Key was hyped up "Well I think we're all curious about D.O. I don't know about you, Key, but I just watched 'Meeting You' the other day. I forced Yonghwa to watch it with me." Jungshin stated. "Aw yes I did watch it, Jungshin. It was a sad ending, but it made me so happy. I would love to be given the chance to meet one of my fans. Lauren seemed to be D.O's number one fan, am I right?" "That seems about right! For those who don't know, 'Meeting You' is a weekly segment from SBS that features different idols meeting their fans. For this week, a special fan was given the opportunity to meet D.O after writing to SM; She had the amazing opportunity to meet our friend, D.O, here." "D.O, what was your opinion of the program?"Jungshin asked. "I was..It was an amazing opportunity to meet an amazing fan. I don't know how I have been able to sing without meeting such an inspirational person. To be honest, I don't see the reason why someone would want to meet me...just Kyungsoo. It was a blessing to meet her, Lauren. I am Lauren's number one fan." "That sounds great, D.O. How about you dedicate this song to her, then? Let's move on, shall we? Everyone this is EXO's Love Me Right" Key signed off. The boys followed each other to the next stage; it was an extravagant stage as usual. They set up the stage and heard the music playing.The fans cheered their names to the song. After the performance, they were all smiles getting into the van. "That was outstanding, everyone. I think the CEO will appreciate our efforts in to meeting his expectations. It was a friendly, yet professional stage." Suho praised. "Yeah yeah thanks. We just had fun. You don't have to get all analytical on it." Baekhyun shoved Suho to sit down. ------------ The next day was a stressful day again. He tried to not think of Lauren, but he couldn't stop himself. He still felt stupid for trying to give her V.I.P tickets to the tour. He actually wanted to talk about moving the tour up and the comeback up so she could have a chance, but EXO was already stressed as it is. Suho walked into the stinky dance room with a smirk on his face. They all looked confused since it smelled awful -- why would he be smiling? "D.O...go wash up. You have a guest." Suho said. Instead of rushing, D.O -- and everyone else -- looked at Suho confused. "D.O...she says she's missed you too much since last weekend. Why don't you hurry up?" D.O finally caught on and rushed to the dorms. He was out of breath, but took a quick shower, making sure to smell nice. He picked up his stuff from his drawers and ran to the SM lobby; stopping around the corner first to catch his breath again and wipe a bead of sweat. He turned the corner and saw her from the back with her hair flowing gently down her back. It looked so silky. "Lauren."
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