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Hey guys happy Friday~ Today is the last day for the Monsta X team cards.....ahhhh its been fun and I hope you all have liked them!

Let's see what it would be like to have Wonho as your boyfriend!

He'd want to spend lots of time with you and be very close to you all the time, whether its holding your hand, back hugging you or cuddling. He'd kiss you randomly too, just because he wants to and loves you. Space isn't something he'd be concerned with, as far as he knows you both share the same space and must be super close.
He'd make you food, and by food I mean ramyun lol Of course he would also take you out to eat out at other restaurants but going on picnic dates would be the best as both of you could relax and enjoy the day together. Take out along with dramas or a movie night would be his favorite thing to do when he's tired and needs to relax from so many promotions.
On anniversaries and birthday celebrations he would get you something meaningful like a locket with a picture of both of you on it, or a ring with both of your initials engraved on it. He would prepare and plan the whole day in advance, with some help from the guys. Seeing you happy and enjoying the day, smiling would be fulfilling for him since you are what is most important to him. ......let's not forget the *ahem* spectacular time the two of you will celebrate at night ;D
He would be very nervous meeting your parents but would eventually feel really comfortable and get along. He'd take presents for your parents and be very respectable, your family would love him. After the day spent together he would gain confidence and visit more often with you, saying he loves your mom's cooking. Since she learned that he loves ramyun she would have some ready for him every time he would visit with you.

Until eventually....!!!

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Team Wonhoe for life!!! 😂❤️👍
He's so cute