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{FF}- Favorite Friday
My 1st: 🔥NATSU!!🔥Come on!! Who doesn't love this lovable idiot?!?? His smile is contagious and he's so optimistic, driven and just loves to go on many adventures!
My 2nd: 🌑ZEREF!!🌑 Ever since we first got introduced to him in the Tenrou Island Arc I fell in love with the amount of mystery surrounding him and even though we know more about him I still feel like we don't know everything about him yet... So hopefully Hiro reveals more to us about his past!! Also this cutie can't end up the villain in the end!
My 3rd: 🔑Lucy!!🔑I can relate to her the most on a personal level which just makes Fairy Tail even more amazing to watch! @Tylor619 @AimeBolanos @hikaymm @OtakuDemon10