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WARNING Violence Foul language fantasy Angst sorry no smut romance Detail (Vixx X reader) hybrids were made but three went missing and who killed Dr. Su? could it be his own creation of hybrids or someone else who was out to get him? and what happens when you fall in love with a hybrid and you cant tell if he good or bad? can you really trust him... or fear him? ☟Need to catch up ☟ part 3 part 2 part 1
Yellow eyes narrow and sharp with white sharp teeth that growled evilly. The sound of heavy breathing and panting as (Y/N) ran through a dark forest nearly tripping on roots of the trees. The mist making it difficult for her to see as she kept looking behind her as she ran in such a despair and fear. (Y/N) looks in front of her were another like predator stood ground such evil eyes that glow red through the hazy mist. She turns around to run back but there it was the wolf-like beast the monster that chased her through the foggy woods. She panics as she looks to her lefts and there stood a big wide tree blocking her way, she turns to her right to run again but suddenly another one falls from the sky. The fog blurring her vision making it difficult to see them as she starts to cough; the mist thickens the air. She looks around in a panic as she back away slowly bumping into the tree as the beast like creature's approach her slowly. (Y/N) life was at stake she wasn't sure how she ended up in this predicament but she was sure she wasn't going to make it out alive.
"I want to go home" (Y/N) sob as she shut her eyes tightly wrapping her arms around herself.
Suddenly she hears no sound only silence filled her ears. (Y/N) opens her eyes slowly but in a moment her eyes widen in fear because there it was in mid air the creature leap towards her. His mouth wide opens his bloodshot eyes staring down at her like daggers.
"andwae!!!!!" she cried out as she crosses her arms in front of her shutting her eyes again.
"um, should we wake her up?" Leo asked
"maybe she looks like she having a nightmare" N muttered
Ravi walks over to (Y/N) and gently shakes her. She leaps forward shouting no as she bumps her head against Ravi knocking him down to the ground. He grunts in pain as he rubs his head (Y/N) doing the same. Suddenly she starts to look around and pat herself on her chest face neck and stomach. She sighs heavily; she was relieved it was all just a dream. N and Leo watch her cautiously from a distance as if she was dangerous to come close too. Probably because she seems to hurt or break everyone around her or everything around her to be exact.
"Thank god it was all just a dream..." she huffed.
"Wait where I am...?" she whispers under her breath.
"YAH!!" Ravi shouted angrily
(y/N) flinched and looks over at the angry boy on the ground. She jumps off the nurse bed and makes her toward Ravi. She quickly reaches over to him in a worry and places her hand on his cheek.
"Are you okay? Did I do this? I'm sorry I'm such a klutz" she said as she rubs his forehead.
Ravi stared at her with such soft looking eyes. The feeling of her warm hands felt amazing; it sent chills throughout his body. The way Ravi stared at her made it seem as if she was some type of painting that had so much detail. He looked at her as if he was trying to capture every detail on her face and every structure and shape. The shape her eyes the sweet rosy pink cheeks her flawless skin; so soft and smooth. The way her eyes glisten and shimmer. they remind him of the night sky that shined so bright thanks to the shining shimmering stars and the way her hair fall perfectly upon her shoulder, such silky and lively hair and those lips of hers. The type of lips anyone would wish to kiss and touch her beauty was a rare type to see, the type only a goddess would obtain. She like a rose so beautifully and radiant and perfect to look at but she has torn making difficult for anyone to dare touch her. She is destruction for anything she touches can become ruined or broken or anyone who dares come close will suffer the consequence. A rose with torn never to be touched or held until that one person is willing to grab this lovely rose and suffer the pain of the sharp thorn that protects her.
"Are you okay?" (Y/N) asked
the sound of her voice was music to Ravi's ear, could it really be the same girl... could it really be her, the love of his life the woman that showed him the beauty in this awful world. Have his wishes been heard and granted? The same lovely eyes that cheerful smile and angelic voice that can put any soul to ease. Nearly everything about this girl was the same as the love of Ravi life. How is it possible that (Y/N) could be…“Her…” Ravi mumbles
(Y/N) tilt her head to the side a bit she seems a bit confused at Ravi response. Ravi couldn’t take his eyes off of her he had to make sure this wasn’t some type of twisted dream, a beautiful nightmare he will soon wake up from. Ravi slowly reaches over towards (Y/N) hand that was placed on his forehead the feeling of his hand touching her made Ravi heart pound loudly. (Y/N) eyes widen at the touch of his hand, for some odd reason she felt her heart ache a bit. Ravi looks at (Y/N), her eyes were too busy focusing on their hand meeting. Slowly she looks over at Ravi; their eyes meeting as they stared deep into each other it almost felt as if they heart were meeting once again. (Y/N) felt this strange feel as if she knew Ravi for almost her whole life like if they had met in her afterlife. like if she knew him, his whole being and heart and soul like if her heart knew who he was but her mind couldn’t seem to remember where they meet and who he was but her heart seems to try and cry out for him. What was this strange feeling that was happening to (Y/N) this unexplainable emotion and feeling that accrued inside of her?
Ravi quickly looks away and smack her hand away and stand up off the ground (Y/N) watched as Ravi stood back up and dust himself off as he walked over to be Leo and N stood. (Y/n) stared at the three sexy looking man such beautiful face structure and while shape body. They look unreal almost like if they're made of plastic.
“Why does it feel like I know you from somewhere?” she says under her breath
Ravi, Leo, and N look at each then back at (Y/N) could it be that her memories were trying to return
“Why does my chest feel so tight and my heart feels like its breaking just looks at you” (Y/N) asked Ravi as she looks at him with such sadden eyes.
Ravi looks away from her and rubs the back of his neck as he nudges Leo making Leo nudge N so he could respond to (Y/N) but instead he just clears his throat and cough really loudly bring her back down to earth and out of her daze. (Y/N) looks around like if she lost or trying to find something she might have misplaced then back at the three hybrids.
“Why am I here?” (Y/n) asked as she stood back up
“You bump your head when you were walking over to the P.E field” Ravi explains
“Oh yeah but I remember hitting my head on the bleachers,” she said in a confused tone of voice
“You trip and fall when you were going up to them” he adds
“Damn it why does this always happen” she cooed as she covers her face that flushed red with embarrassment
“Wait a minute you guy were going to do something to me!!” (Y/N) jump up and back away as she points at them
The three boys stared at her like if she was stupid or she had lost her mind. (Y/N) felt dumb as she looks away and scratches her head. She felt a wall of shame fall down on her.
“I think you hit your head too hard you should lay back down (Y/N)” N advice you.
“I might be clumsy but I know I’m not crazy or stupid, I know what I hear!” (Y/N) exclaim
“And what was it that you heard exactly” Ravi approached her
“Will that a good question but I know your secret” (Y/N) said as she points up to the ceiling
“How is it possible that you’re the same girl” Leo mutters under his breath
“What? What did you say?” (Y/N) look over at Leo who just stared at her with such a blank expression
She walks over to him as she tried to make herself look bigger and taller “say to my face” she demanded but Leo only looks down at her with pitiful eyes and a small smirk that mocked her.
“Okay that enough lets all head back to class now let’s go” N order as he pushed (Y/N) gently out the door of the nurse office
You being a good listener did as told and walk over to your next class as they watched you walk farther away they stared at you with such intense eyes that seem as if they had something planned over worried over something that might become dangerous.
“Could it be?” Leo asked as he continued watching you from a distance
“Maybe” N guess
“It’s her,” Ravi said with a serious tone of voice
Leo quickly turns to look at him with a surprised look N with a worried expression fill his whole face. Ravi continued to watch (Y/n) he was sure that it was the same girl the same person and he was sure that this time, he was going to protect her no matter what he wasn’t going to lose her again.
“Does this mean what I think it means?” Leo asked as he looks at (Y/N) again
“That destiny and fate have returned to play their part once again” N addressed
“Which means history about to repeat itself once again?”
“Not if we don’t let it Leo not if we change it” Ravi assured
“I don’t have a good feeling about this” N mention
“Why that?” Ravi asked
“because when I was in that intuition they had this type of book that seem to say ‘when the sun and the moon meet a child will be reborn when this child become and adult the story of history will be replayed death will take it effect and the child gift will be in the hand of the one who tried to take it before, the world that is called earth will come to an end” N explains
Leo looks over at (Y/N) who somehow ended up tripping over nothing, “are you sure it’s the same girl because I don’t”
Ravi looks over at her and was about to go help but stop himself before even taking on the step instead he turn around and pat Leo and N on the shoulder as he walks away.
“Where are you going?” N hollered
“If she lives and back that means there still out there,” said Ravi
“And what make you so sure their still alive?” Leo asked
“Her dream...” N mention
“Exactly she saw them which means”
“They're still alive” N finish Ravi sentence
“Exactly and we are going to find them”
“But what if they’re not themselves what if they try to fight us off” Leo as Ravi
“then we’ll fight back because where ever they are it's most like someone has them under their control and we are not giving up without a fight” Ravi exclaims
Meanwhile in an unknown place that looks like an old prison place that had been abandoned with wired gates and high up walls making it difficult for any human to escape but this wire around them were specially made for the creature that was held captive in this awful intuition. Inside you’ll find rooms, as you walk down the hall of one of the building inside this, closed up room with only a window on the door you’ll find people there with collar metal shiver like collar these were specially made so if they were trying to escape it’ll drain their energy and give them this painful shock that lasts for nearly 6 hours. Around the whole buildings are guards fully cover in black and a helmet almost like if they were in the swat team like if they were about to go to war. Each one of them was armed with this type of guns that could shot right through any human being body and not just one but 3 in a roll. That could burn the inside of a hybrid body were ever the bullet was to hit it causing them to lose down their pace and weaken them making their power to slowly fade away for the moment being.
Right now you see a group of what look like teenage boys some looking if they were either in their mid 20’s or 15 years old each one wearing a collar of a different type. They ran around these obstacles, it seems like they were training for the army or more like a boot camp. But there was one boy who seems to be getting beaten at the moment being it looks painful and agonizing.
“Creature like you have no right to speak down to human, you’re not welcome in this world you nothing but a monster,” the man said harshly to the boy
“the only monster I see right now is you” the boy with brown hair oval like shape head and black big circle eyes grunts as he spits out a bit of blood.
“tsk tsk” the man tsk as he kicked the boy again in the grunt “Hongbin if I was you I would watch what I said otherwise” the man grab Hongbin by the hair and make him look over to where another hybrid seems to be running and look exhausted was at
“your little friend over there…” the men pause as he calls over two more big fully armored men over and gives them and order “will suffer because of your ignorance” the man addressed “take that hybrid over there and use the chemical on him” the man order two more guards.
Hong-bin eyes widen as he watched the way the grab the young boy being a kick to the ground and grab by the hair as they toss him, the boy was already so weak that he would just lay there on the ground trying so desperately to get back up.
“Andwae! Stop it! Leave him alone!! He had nothing to do with this!! Leave Hyuk alone!!” Hong-bin shouts with so much anger in his voice as he tries to escape from the man hold but fails as the man use this weapon that burns Hongbin skin causing him to drop down and grab onto his neck in so much pain.
Suddenly you see another creature appear and rush one of the guards knocking down to the ground. Hong-bin looks up to find Ken trying to help hyuk but Hongbin panic as he knew that would only make thing worse. With the little of energy he had left he try to get up and run toward them but right there another strong blow was given to Hongbin knocking down onto his back look up with the little vision he had left he watched as 4 more guards rush ken as they started to hit him with a gun and shock them. With a single tear that escape as he slowly closed his eyes he calls out for Ravi and N. because the last time he saw Leo was when the man had taken him to beat him to death and use him to drain out the toxic within him sucking out the life and energy within him all because Leo tried to save him from getting beat by the guards all because of his stubbornness and ignorance. Hong-bin felt nothing but gentle within him.
“soon you will forget about all those you ones loved and held close and you’ll become a real monster with no feeling a killing beast that you truly are meant to be” the man whisper into Hongbin ear as he injects him with this blue like liquid.
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