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I see @KwonOfAKind... not giving IN easy!!!
Is okay...I didn't expect you to "give up" so easy too!!
Is time to "SLOWLY" show out my cards...Pride is going down in HELL!!
@BBxGD...u know Sophia (S <--her middle name) (B <---Her last name) need more "LOVE"
damn, whoever this Sophia person is it looks like they're in alot of trouble was nice not knowing them *sips tea* ~~~
@KwonOfAKind...I know that QueenSophia... Slu...Bi....Need to get her life!!! and forget about her Pride!!! because she won't have any "LEFT" even a she can keep "sips her tea" Wahahahahhah (Cc copy @BBxGD)
@lovetop Welllll damnnnnnn!!!!! Sophia AKA @KwonOfAKind is trying so hard but you cant not turn back SOOOOOOOPPPHHHHHHIIIIIAAA
@BBxGD @lovetop Hmm, this Sophia person you speak of ....I don't like that name falling so often....silence it KILL THAT DAMN SOPHIA OFF .. so the sweet sound of your undying love can only chant my Name .....whats the name again, Kwonnie~~~....Take note of that one it'll be the name that drives your heart forever ...I've got time so I'll wait for you *LARGE SIP OF TEA* MUAHAHAHAHAHA~~~~😈😈 #SeeYourHeartsInTime❤