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Amber from F(x) has one of the cutest snaps!!! Especially of her dog Jack Jack and cat Tuna. You can add her @ ajol.0918
Eric Nam previous member of ASC. The cutest thing you'll ever see is Eric Nam playing around with those snap filters 😭😭😭 add him @ericnam and check out this 3D cake 😯😯😯
Jay Park. Get sneek peaks of his music or sometimes he plays around with Simon D and Gray! add them @aomgjaypark @callmegray @longlivesmdc
Tablo from Epik High. If Tablo is not snapchatting his music family he snapchats his family. Which btw HARU IS SO DANG CUUUUTE 😭❀️❀️ she's all grown up now since the last time on TROS add him @bornhaters or A snapchat made to worship haru @harutube
you guys should add me on snapchat too @queenchessy πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
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