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Chapter 26
~ 3 years later~ It was late at night again when I was walking up to the door that led to the apartment building I was staying at. I jingled the keys around my finger as the music played through my headphones. I bumped into another guy in the staircase. Looking at him and having one headphone away from my ear. I thought he was going to say something but he didn't so I shrugged. As I got to the floor level where my apartment was, I saw a short guy who looked like he was a rich kid with his special brand clothing. Taking off my earphones and getting the key ready to unlock it. I stepped up to my door. "Are you Xiumin?" he asked. He had an accent to his english. "Yes, and you are?" I asked him as I raised my eyebrow. Looking at him, I could tell he was close enough to my age. He looked around to see if anybody was around. "Can we go inside an talk?" "How do I know you won't kill me. I've had people come and try to kill me." I said to him as he closed his eyes and took a deep breathe. "I promise, I won't kill you but what I need to tell you isn't safe to say out here in the open. Only behind close doors." he said. The next door opened and out came a guy with his dog. He said his greeting as passing both of us. Turning back to the boy, I studied him hard enough that had my gut saying that I could trust him. "Fine come in." I unlocked the door and opened it up for the both of us. My apartment wasn't much. It was barley furnished. I had a lamp on the floor, books scattered everywhere, a small tv that was nothing but static. I threw the keys and my jacket on the couch. I went to the kitchen and grabbed two cups. I filled hem with water and gave it to the rich kid. "So your name?" I asked. He took a sip of water and cleared out his throat. "My name is Suho. Your my older brother Xiumin. I have a letter to prove it." he took a white envelope out of his coat pocket and held it out. I didn't want to take ot at first but something was telling me too. I reached for it and opened it up. Reading through it, it was like mine. I fold it up again and gave it back to Suho. "How did you find me?" I asked him. "For the past two weeks, I have been getting these weird dreams and coordinates that leads to something. And when I decided to follow them I did and here were are." He told me. I was still questioning about if he was really my brother or if he was an Xerusian trying to fool me. "I'm not here to fool you. I'm really your bother. I can show you." he got up and went into the kitchen. He looked through the cabinets and took out a big bowl. He filled it with water and brought it back to me. When he took a deep breathe and closed his eyes. He stuck his hand in the water. I could his memories and the dreams he was getting. "Do you believe me now?" I nod. "Good now lets go get our-- well my other older brother and our younger brothers" he said. "I was thinking of us going to get Kris and then head back to the house for all of us will be staying. Getting up, I went to my dresser and packed a bag of clothes and other needs. I followed him out of my apartment building. We hoped in a car and drove to the airport. "I hope you have a passport because you'll need one." "I do, where re we going?" I asked. "Canada" Going through security and getting to our gate took sometime but we were now officially in the air. I was bouncing my leg up and down. "Don't worry, if we run into Xerusian then we can both kill them." Suho said. "why don't you get some eye shut."I nod and laid back in the seat as I closed my eyes. I felt a shake on my shoulder. I woke up and remembered I was on a plane with Suho. "Yes?" "We landed, come on lets get a hotel and sleep before visiting our brother." he said. We both got our carry on's from the top storage of the plane and walked out. I stayed close to Suho. Just to make sure we both don't lose each other. But as we walked passed a couple of guys dressed in all black, they seemed to be looking for someone. It was easy to point out an Xerusian because they all have a tattoo on their neck and odd color in their eyes. "on the count of three we run" "One" "Three!!" I shouted and ran past him. He caught up fast as the two Xerusian saw us and ran after us. "I said on three not to skip two just to say three!!!" Suho yelled at me as we both ran for our lives. I turned back to see the Xerusian still following us. One of them took out a gun and started to shoot at us. "Their shooting at us!! Their shooting at us!!!" Suho panices as he ducked his head. We turned a corner and I rolled my eyes and shifted my body so I could throw ice at them with my hands. "Okay running isn't helping the issue here we need to fight them off." Suho said. "Okay? So what's the plan smart one?" I asked him. "I don't have a plan!!!" he told me. I wasn't paying attention until I ran into something or someone. I looked to see a tall guy, who had a face that looked pissed off. "It looks like you need some assistance."
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