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Okay guys  lets get this thing going first I'll need your both full names and where you work at." Ha Yoon says to jackson and Mark "Okay well my Name is Jackson wang and i work for JYP entertainment" jackson says to Ha Yoon  "And i work for the Zoo"  Mark say sarcastically "Oh really? " Ha Yoon asked with one eyebrow riase "Hahaha no i also work for JYP entertainment.. Its one of the best jobs i've ever had in my life" Says Mark Hmmm "well okay let me just type this information into the system. Oh i forgot to ask are you two married?" Ha Yoon ask "Well yeah we've been married for 2years now enjoying  every Moment of life toghter" Mark said with a happy look on his face   After a few hours the two boys went home  with hope in their hearts they would be able to bring a happy kid into their home. "Babe!  Babe!  Where are you?!?!?!" Mark says running through the house "What what is it Mark?" jackson face looked concerned Its... Its.. "Its what its what?" jackson  asked again "Its a latter from the adoption agency Mark says with high hopes" "Oh shit read it read it!!" jackson says in excitement They open the latter Hello Mr & Mr wang this is Ha Yoon from the adoptoin agency we are wanting to let you know that you have been approved. Now we to set up a time and date for us to home check your home. And we also need to know witch child your  interested in how about be we meet up on monday around 1:00pm  thank you have a great day. Ms: Ha Yoon "Oh my god monday?  Thats tomorrow holy shit thats awesome." jackson says  to Mark "Yeah good thing our house is always clean" Mark said to jackson Jackson slaps Mark  in the face "This isn't a joke mark this is real you know damn our house isnt that great because you keep leaving your boxers everywhere!  We have to make sure everything is clean." jackson said to mark scolding him "Well i cant help it i like making you look at me naked... But your right we do need make. This Look its best"  Mark said to jackson The work all night to get thier house in top shape for the agent and for the New kid that will becoming to live with them. Its the next day the boys meet up with agent Ha Yoon to look at the kids that are up for adoptoin.  Well we have these 3 boys For ya their names are Hyeon,Yeong, and Seok Jackson and Mark spend a few hours with each boy trying to make sure  that make the right choice. After the hours have gone by both jackson and mark step out of the room. Jackson leans over to Mark "I think we should pick Hyeon he's..." Mark interrupts "Sorry but why should pick him? I couldn't get much out of him but maybe he's just shy" "Who is shy?" Ha Yoon asked "Hyeon he didn't seem to talk much but i can he would be perfect for our family" said jackson "Oh well yes Hyeon is a little shy but he came out of a really Bad home. His father would beat him  for just asking queations or even if he spoke without permission." Ha yoon had explained "Hmm we'll take him and give him a better life." Mark said with a grin on his face "Okay well let me just tell him to get his things ready and i.." Before Ha yoon could get a other word out Jackson stop her to tell her it wouldn't be necessary becsuse they want to take Heyon out shoping for New clothing. Ha yoon nodded her head and went to get Heyon. A few Moments later Ha yoon came out with Heyon and boys took him the car so they could go home. "Hey kiddo how would like to get some ice cream"  jackson asked Hyeon "Ice cream?  Yes i would love to have try it ive never had ice cream before" Said hyeon Jackson and mark look at each other in disbelif They pulls up to the ice cream  stroe "Okay what flavor would you like to try" Jackson ask heyon "Hmmm  chocolate chip" Hyeon says with a Look of  exictment Ring ring ring Jackson receives a call phone from a Stange number he doesn't pick up.then the phone rings again but jackson ignores it again. "Who is that?" Mark asked Im not sure who it is im not to worried about it lets go get our son some New stuff at The mall" say jackson "Okay?"  Mark says  back feeling kinda of worried Jackson mark up pull to the mall but they didn't notice that a black vehicle had followed them from the agency to the ice cream store and all the to the mall. They all go inside and a man get out of the car and slowy Starts to follow them inside. A few hours ago and jackson is really is really Starting to feel like something is wrong. Whats wrong jackson? Mark asked "Uh i dont i just... I just feel like something is wrong like were being followed or something" Said Jackson "Well i think your just being paranoid lets go Grab dinner and then go home what do you say?" Says Mark "Maybe your right hun... Hey hyeon what would like to have for dinner?" Jackson asked "Can we go toTosokchon Samgyetang?" Hyeon asked "Yeah can go there" mark said instantly The boys go the restaurant and eat. A few hours  later they go home and get ready for bed. Whats wrong?  Why do you look like something bad has happened?  Mark asked   "I already told you i feel like were being followed and getting weird  phone call ealrier today... I just feel like we need to stay on our best guard to keep our son safe." jackson explained to mark "Well i think our son is gonna be okay and im sure your just over thinking it hun  get some Rest goodnight." Said Mark "Goodnight" Jackson says back is jackson being paranoid? who is the man following them? what will happen next? stay tuned and find out @SaraHanna @luna1171 @BBxGD
you did great hun. the way you made the mystery person follow and all... its great! just gotta be careful with what your typing... u kind a missed some words to make the sentence make sense. .but its a small error.. lil by lil you wil easly catch them... *i wont say nothing about spelling cuz im the worse too 😂😂* But otherwise your doing awsome
lol yeah im pretty Bad but glad you like it (: @BBxGD
the conversation between them at the egency had me when Mark said he works at the Zoo haha
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