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What is my anime ed or op song? Well this is an interesting question.
Well I like a lot of anime songs. I wouldn't exactly choose one. I would want to have any song from the band EGOIST. That's for two reasons. Not only do the songs sound amazing, and are well composed, but I absolutely LOVE the voice of the band's singer, Chelly. Truly beautiful. So, anything by this band. The song above is one of my favorites. It's called "Fallen," and is the third ED of Psycho Pass, one of my top 2 favorite anime. Anyway, Nuff said. @tayhar18920 @SimplyAwkward @hikaymm Note: I will finish this most likely, but as I get very little attention on these, I may stop spending time making these. Thank you all. So, let me know what you all think of these song in the comments!
Nooooo I meant *this (at the end)
Awesome !
@P1B2Bear Right?