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Introduction: I was just bored and wanted to draw, so I went online for some inspiration. But while I was at it, I saw all these beautiful wallpaper and just wanted to share them to all of you so yeah, enjoy!!!!













*Comment down below your favorite wallpapers :D*

*Credits to all the artists*

I do apologize if you want to know theses pictures are fan arts or from and anime, I am not very sure, I'm sorry ^_^

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@TakamiRen no probs! I sure the first one is too but I've never seen it so if not 100% sure
a year ago·Reply
@LadyLuna Yeah I thought it was an anime too but I'm not sure
a year ago·Reply
@LadyLuna @TakumiRen The anime's name is Hiiro no Kakera.
a year ago·Reply
@soweirdfam4ever Oh thank u, gonna add that to my list ^_^
a year ago·Reply
@soweirdfam4ever. thanks a bunch!!
a year ago·Reply